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МАZ-6940C9-1233200-100 (6940C9-2233200-100)

Designed for different cargos transportation and loading-unloading operations' implementation at distributed sites. Wheel arrangement: 6х4. Manipulator unit: Palfinder PK15500A. The manipulator unit is positioned at the cabin's back ( at the back overhand). Gear box: ZF 16S2520T0. Total weight is 13.370 (13.640) t.

МАZ-6940C9-1233200-100 (6940C9-2233200-100)
Performance attributes
Engine YAMZ-653
Basic autocrane chassis 6312C9-529-012
Autocrane payload capacity
Maximal lifting height, m 11.5
Maximal freight (loading) moment, t.m. 14.1
Maximal payload capacity, t 6.1
Overall dimensions
Autocrane arm length, m 8

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