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MAZ-107 The low-floor big capacity bus for city routes
MAZ-206 The middle-class city bus also available in interurban modification
MAZ-203 Low-floor buses for city and suburban routes
MAZ-251 The coach bus designed for long distance tours
MAZ-103 The low floor bus for city and suburban transportation
MAZ-231 Designed for commuters, intercity transportation
MAZ 257 Specialized buses for chidren transportation to schools
MAZ 232 Buses for suburban, intercity and touristic routes
MAZ-171 The low-floor bus for passengers transportation in airports
MAZ-226 The middle-class city bus also available in interurban modification
MAZ-241 This bus is intended for commuter and intercity transportation as well as for corporate and leisure travel
MAZ 131020 Minsk Automobile Plant creates the cheapest, simplest and unpretentious bus, which will cope perfectly with harsh conditions of the African heat and off-road. This bus is built on a long-base chassis MAZ-5336 with an extended rear overhang. The bus body is made as simple and maintainable as possible. There is a luggage area on the roof. Its carrying capacity equals 3 tons. This bus has a strong bumper, which was tested on trucks of different categories. This model is complied with the requirements of the African market and can be successfully operated in African countries with the most severe road conditions.