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Belarusians on MAZ trucks successfully passed the third stage and showed the 2nd time.
The truck with the bison logo has retained leadership in the overall standings.


The third stage took place in the vicinity of the Saudi city Neom. The special stage stretched over an impressive 427 kilometers and the main difficulty was created by areas with stones and sand. Along the way, racers met canyons and mountains, although climbing to a height did not cause difficulties for pilots acquainted with  Chilean highlands.

Hood MAZ truck finished at the second place and lost 4 hours and 4 minutes at the special stage. The Russian Andrei Karginov left almost 5 minutes less on the track. On the third line there’s his team's partner Anton Shibalov with 11 minute gap. In the general classification, Belarusians hold the first place with a handicap of 2 minutes.

''The special stage was divided into three parts: the first two were simple and the ending was striking and very slow. In fact, we are very glad that we drove non-stop,'' admitted the pilot Sergey Vyazovich. ''We were not in a hurry, because we had a handicap. On the track, Andrei Karginov caught up with us and took the opportunity to outrun: he signaled – we let him go. The next section we started in 10 seconds behind him, drove as far as dust allowed. This pace suited us – we maintained the general classification without unnecessary risk.''

Aleksandr Vasilevski's MAZ truck came on the 6th line, losing 25 minutes to the winner of the race.  In the "absolute" charter the crew closes the top-ten and is 1 hour 28 minutes behind. Aliaksei Vishneuski completed the race in the 19th position spending 57 minutes more than the winner. In the standings his crew is in 14th place losing more than 2 hours in comparison with the best result.

On the fourth day the crews will reach the ancient city Al-Ula. The length of the special stage for trucks will be even greater - 453 kilometers. The route includes both sandy areas and gravel roads. Racers will be able to pick up a high pace here but mistakes in navigation can significantly affect the results.