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MAZ truck assembly plant was launched in Vietnam. It will produce up to 3000 vehicles per year, which will allow the Belarusian automobile enterprise to expand its presence in Southeast Asia. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Igor Lyashenko, Deputy Minister of Industry Alexander Ogorodnikov and General Director of Minsk Automobile Plant Valery Ivankovich.

The Belarusian-Vietnamese plant is located 40 km away from Hanoi. Modern assembly shops, auxiliary buildings and an administrative building with a tennis court and a pergola were built on a rice field of a 4.5 hectares area . The objects were erected along the feng-shui, and along the complex they even dug out a reservoir and planted trees. They also envisaged a sacred place as a tribute to local traditions. The project of the plant was developed by Minsk Automobile Plant, and Vietnamese contractors helped to implement it.

The assembling  of Belarusian trucks with Vietnamese "citizenship" will be carried out by the joint venture "MAZ Asia". The partner of Minsk Automobile Plant is the Vietnamese company AuViet Industry, which succeeded in selling MAZ buses, BELAZ dump trucks and Belshina kits. The Vietnamese formed 70% of the authorized capital, and MAZ covered its share in 30% with technologies and equipment.

"Creation of the assembly plant is a serious step towards the consumers in the region. However, we have yet to gain their trust in MAZ vehicles assembled at the joint venture in Vietnam. For this purpose, the plant should reach full capacity in the near future, master the production of new models of automotive equipment and implement large-scale localization of components," said Valery Ivankovich, General Director of MAZ.

The capacity of the plant is up to 3000 trucks per year. At the first stage there will be assembled 8 models of MAZ vehicles, which have already been adapted to the requirements of technical regulations of Vietnam.

Among the vehicles for Vietnam there are large and small dump trucks, fifth-wheel trucks for the port, long wheelbase trucks and chassis for special vehicles. The technologies of their production have been fully mastered.

In the future, the range of models will be expanded and adjusted to meet the needs of the market. Thus, Vietnam plans to produce right-hand wheel trucks. In addition, negotiations with manufacturers of superstructures which can be installed on MAZ chassis are underway. Meantime the production will be localized up to 40%. In addition to local welding and painting, experts are studying the possibilities of using glasses, tires, batteries and air conditioners made in Vietnam. However, provided that these items are of high quality.

The assembled trucks will be available not only in Vietnam. They will also be supplied to other ASEAN markets - Association of Southeast Asian Nations. The first buyers were found long before the plant was launched.

"Southeast Asian markets have a high level of security. Creation of its own assembly facility will ensure the competitiveness of MAZ equipment in the region. This is an extremely promising project that will allow MAZ to gain a foothold in the large-scale markets of South-East Asia. Our goal is to obtain the status of a plant with the best quality among all truck manufacturers in the region," admitted Valery Ivankovich.

The implementation of the project was preceded by the Free Trade Zone Agreement between the EAEU and Vietnam and the Protocol between the Governments of Belarus and Vietnam on support for the production of motor vehicles. The development of the Belarusian-Vietnamese relations and the activity of the business partner played an important role.