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The COMTRANS 2019 exhibition will be held in Moscow from 3 to 7 September 2019 and Minsk Automobile Plant will present here six new products at once.

For the first time in the territory of the Russian Federation the third generation bus model MAZ 303 will be shown. This large class bus is designed for passengers transportation in the cities.

Visitors of the exhibition will be able to see also the middle class bus MAZ 257030 designed for passenger transportation along urban and suburban routes and various trucks: a long-haul road train consisting of a fifth-wheel truck MAZ-5440M7, a fifth-wheel truck MAZ-54A02K with a nat-ural gas engine, a medium-duty truck MAZ-4381C0, a long-haul road train consisting of a fifth-wheel truck MAZ-5440E8 and an isothermal semitrailer MAZ-930011.

What are these novelties of Minsk Automobile Plant? Below are the vehicles characteristics.

The third-generation public city bus MAZ 303 of Euro-6 environmental class is designed as a basic model for the whole family of the third-generation passenger vehicles which will have vari-ous designs including lengths from 9 to 18.5 meters.

The third generation of MAZ buses is equipped with innovative units and electronic systems and is distinguished by improved cabin ergonomics which allows increasing the number of passen-gers. The total passenger capacity is 95-110 people, the number of seats is 26.

The bus is equipped with German components: an engine Daimler OM 936 LA with a capacity of 220 kW power, as well as a hydromechanical 6-speed gearbox ZF Ecolife 1200 B.

The middle class bus MAZ 257030 is designed for passenger transportation along the city and suburban routes. This model is the result of the continued works of Minsk Automobile Plant aimed for creating of the passenger vehicles updated models on the basis of "school" bus MAZ 257S30.

As in the basic model the design of the new modification of the MAZ 257030 bus is based on the medium-duty truck chassis. High ground clearance and spring suspension allow to operate the vehicle on various roads. MAZ 257030 bus is equipped with a four-cylinder in-line diesel engine Cummins (Euro-5) with an output of 123 hp and a manual transmission Fastgear.
There are 31 seats in the bus, the cabin is also equipped with luggage racks.

The new model of the fifth-wheel truck MAZ-5440M7 (Euro-6) with 4x2 wheel arrangement is distinguished not only by its modern design but also by the advanced design and technological solutions. The new truck has significantly improved ergonomics of the driver's work and rest place. Great attention is paid to active and passive safety increasing level and efficiency of transportation.

The truck is equipped with a spacious two-seat cabin with a high roof and two berths. Air conditioning and heating system with automatic maintenance of the temperature set by the driver provides the necessary microclimate for the driver in the cabin.
The engine compartment of the MAZ-5440M7 is equipped with a modern engine - in-line Mercedes-Benz OM470 LA Euro-6 with an output of 428 hp and a torque of 2100 Nm. Other com-ponents include a robotic 12-speed gearbox Mercedes-Benz G211-12 New AMT and hypoid drive axle Mercedes-Benz.
Such systems as ABS, ASR and EBS with disc brakes increase the braking effect on slippery surfaces.
MAZ-54A02K-520-030 (4x2 wheel arrangement) fifth-wheel truck is designed for transporta-tion of various cargoes including dangerous ones as a part of a road train on the highways with an improved covering. The truck is equipped with WeichaiPower WP12NG 400E50 Euro-5 natu-ral gas engine and 16-speed gearbox ZF16S2520TO. The engine power is 400 hp. The fifth-wheel truck uses liquefied natural gas as refueling and is equipped with gas-cylinder equipment of the company "CHART" (USA) or "CIMS" (China), the total volume of more than 700 liters, which allows providing a power reserve for at least 500 km.

The vehicle is equipped with a large two-seat suspended cabin with an updated interior and seats of increased comfort. Rear air-spring 4-cylinder suspension provides the fifth wheel transport height of 1250 mm. By consumers request there can be a model with the fifth wheel transport height of 1150 mm. The vehicle is also equipped with ABS, ASR and EBS systems which in-crease the safety of its operation.
The presented model of MAZ-54A02K-520-030 fifth-wheel truck corresponds to the require-ments of the UN ECE regulations No.110 concerning installation of special equipment elements for use in their natural gas engines, as well as to the requirements of the UN ECE regulations No.105 and the requirements of the European Agreement on Transport of Dangerous Goods on Roads (ADR).

The medium-duty truck MAZ-4381C0-2522-025 received a new flatbed platform with a canopy and an internal height of 3000 mm and a length of 7750 mm. This is the maximum height of the platform which was not previously available on Belarusian trucks (for comparison, it was 2900 mm for MAZ-6310). The loading height for this truck is 940 mm, which is lower than at MAZ-4371 with 17.5" tires. The platform capacity is 57.7m3 and allows to accommodate 19 euro pal-lets (1200x800). The technically permissible payload is 5,3 tons. By customer request it is poss-ible to install a curtain-type platform with rear doors. The vehicle's base has been increased from 4200 mm to 5200 mm. The innovations have touched the rear and front suspensions. In the rear one there is a double-cylinder air suspension with a stabilizer of transverse stability. Air cylinders are also installed in the front suspension (together with springs). When using this truck as a chassis the mounting length of the frame is 7250 mm. Overall height of the vehicle is 4000 mm.
The truck is equipped with a YAMZ engine of ecological class Euro-5 with a capacity of 170 hp and 6-speed gearbox Shaanxi Fast Gear (gearboxes of other manufacturers can be installed). The power reserve is increased up to 1000 km due to the installation of 2 fuel tanks with the ca-pacity of 130 liters each (control fuel consumption is 23.9 l/100km at 80 km/h). It is possible to install the engine Weichai WP4.1 with a capacity of 190 hp of the 5th ecological class.
The truck has such options as air conditioning, central locking, electrically powered mirrors, electric windows, digital tachograph, emergency operating services, cruise control, etc. The sys-tem of course stability is included in the basic equipment.
It should be noted that MAZ-4381C0 is not the subject to the payment system of the Russian system of payment from Plato trucks, because its technically permissible maximum weight is 12 tons (can be increased up to 12.5 tons).
The road train consisting of a fifth-wheel truck MAZ-5440E8 and an isothermal semitrailer MAZ-930011 of MAZ-Kupava production is designed for international and intercity transportation of various packaged goods. The truck is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz OM457LA.V/4 Euro-5 engine with a capacity of 428 hp and a 12-speed automatic robotic Mercedes-Benz gearbox. To increase the power reserve there are two fuel tanks of 500 liters each (total volume is 1000 liters).
The fifth-wheel truck is also equipped with ABS, ASR and electronic stability system ESP. Hypo-id rear axle is manufactured by Daimler.
The truck received a large upgraded cabin with two berths and modern interior.
The truck is equipped with an independent engine heater and an independent cabin heater. Air conditioning, electric windows, electrically controlled mirrors, central locking, cruise control system are installed on this model.

It is noteworthy that all the novelties presented at the COMTRANS 2019 exhibition have been released in a special year for the company: on August 9, 2019 MAZ celebrated its 75th anniversary - Minsk Automobile Plant was founded in 1944.
Today the company produces trucks, passenger, trailer and special vehicles in a full production cycle mode. Every year Minsk Automobile Plant presents at least 1-2 unique novelties, and the range of commercial trucks is annually replenished by hundreds of models.
In total, the plant produces more than 600 models and 3000 modifications of trucks, as well as more than 55 models of trailers and semi-trailers. The company has mastered six generations of heavy trucks in mass production.
MAZ passenger vehicles are represented by 16 models in more than a hundred versions. The range of models includes city, suburban, intercity, tourist and special buses with length from 7 to 18 meters.
Minsk Automobile Plant is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive equipment in the CIS countries with an extensive network of service centers.