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Minsk Automobile Plant produced the unique AGP-32-B auto-lifter and KS-5576BY-H autocrane capable to rise to a 12-storey building height. New items are presented at the largest in the CIS exhibition of construction equipment STT-2019, which takes place in Moscow from June 4 to June 7, 2019.

The AGP-32-B lifter is able to lift 350 kg to a height of 32 meters. The special vehicle of Euro-5 class is installed at MAZ-5316F5 chassis with 4x4 wheel arrangement and has no analogues in the CIS. The lifter is designed for construction, repairing and decorative works on buildings and structures.

The designers placed the emphasis on the new mechanism: the engine drives an axial piston pump which raises the platform through the gearbox and power take-off. This design is important for smooth operation, increased safety and staff’s comfort.

The lift has a wide working sphere in the area of ​​360 degrees, including the space above the cabin. It has a built-in electric device that rotates the platform at an inclination of up to 45 degrees. For safety reasons insulation is provided, and a special device recalls the approach to a power line. The arrow can be controlled both on the platform and on the chassis frame.

The outriggers are able to put the elevator in a horizontal position on paved areas with a slope angle of plus or minus 3 degrees. Polymer plates of outriggers do not freeze even in a hard frost.

Another new product is KS-5576BY-H  autocrane with a lifting capacity of 32 tons. It is unique as it can be used on public roads without obtaining special permission. The chassis MAZ-6302C5 with a 330-horsepower engine YMZ Euro-5 class is the base of this auto-crane. The special vehicle is designed for loading and unloading and construction and installation work at dispersed objects. Four-wheel drive allows you to operate in off-road conditions.

The boom is extended by 33 meters (with a jib - 42 meters) and is able to perform special work. For example, using a crane, you can lift loads in hard-to-reach places and move them with surgical precision. Bearing steel structures made of high-strength steel Weldox, and for greater stability at long and medium departure an additional counterweight is provided.

A planetary gear with disc brakes is used for lifting and turning. Hydraulics allows selecting different speeds and performing several operations simultaneously. A microprocessor limiter with an integrated “black box” and a hazardous voltage protection module provides security.


The cabin with panoramic windows includes ergonomic chairs, built-in control handles and an independent heater. There is no doubt that it will come in handy: the special vehicle can be used at any temperature, including 40-degree frost.

“New models of a hoist and a truck crane will allow us to expand our presence in the special equipment markets of Russia and other CIS countries. New products are distinguished by a good combination of price and quality; they are also implemented in accordance to unique design solutions. Special vehicles can move over rough terrain, work with high accuracy and with a high level of comfort for the driver and operator. We have made a big step forward in a promising direction,” – explain MAZ designers.

MAZ also presented a four-wheel drive MAZ-6502S9-522-052 dump truck with rear unloading at STT-2019. The advantages of this dump truck are evident in quarries and on construction sites. The truck has a small cabin with a new interior and the possibility of installing a folding sleeping berth, an axle with an increased load of 9 tons and a 420-horsepower engine YAMZ of Euro-5 class. The dump truck is designed for transportation of bulk cargo in heavy road conditions. Comfort is provided by electronic comtrol, independent air heater and integrated air conditioning.


MAZ also brought a fifth-wheel truck with a 6x6 wheel arrangement in a single-sided busbar MAZ-643228 with an engine of Euro-5 environmental class of 423 horsepower from Weichai to Moscow. The all-wheel drive truck also has a front axle with an increased load (up to 9 tons) and a large cabin with a low roof, a new interior and a full berth. The designation of the truck is the transportation of various cargos in off-road conditions.

The STT exhibition has been held for more than 20 years and is considered to be the largest area in the CIS for construction equipment and materials. About 600 participants from almost 30 countries of the world take part in it.


Photo by Andrey Filippov