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Minsk Automobile Plant is a regular participant of the MILEX exhibitions. And now the company takes part in the 9th International Exhibition of Armament and Military Equipment "MILEX - 2019" which takes place from May 15 to 18, 2019 in Minsk at Minsk-Arena  sport complex

In the open area  you can see the new truck crane  designed to perform loading and unloading operations and work with hazardous cargos KS-55727-5-31B. The truck crane is made at the Mogilev subdivision of the enterprise - the factory “Mogilevtransmash”- on the basis of the chassis MAZ-631705-364-600Р4 specially for this exhibition. The crane is equipped with a boom of a maximum length up to 21.7 m with a lifting height up to 21.6 m.



“We produce such special vehicles in small quantities, but this one has not been  previously demonstrated at exhibitions,” said Pavel Karankevich, the chief designer of the Mogilevtransmash branch.

The  KS-55727-5-31B crane is equipped with a hydraulic drive and a rigid telescopic boom. The maximum capacity of the crane at work  with ordinary cargos  is 25.0 tons, while at work  with hazardous cargos is 20.0 tons. Thanks to the driving characteristics of the automobile chassis MAZ-631705 with the wheel formula 6x6, the truck crane is confident both on the roads with an improved surface and on the complete lack of roads.

The proven structural elements  and  special solutions are used in the design of the truck crane to meet the specific technical requirements. These elements  have been already  tested in the cranes of mass production.

The main bearing elements of the metal crane are made of fine-grained structural steel with increased strength, stiffness and weld ability. The crane is equipped with a three-section telescopic boom of box section. The box section was chosen due to the need to ensure a high degree of maintainability and ease of operation.


The extension of the boom sections of the truck crane is based on the use of the hydromechanical system of telescoping, eliminating the presence of flexible power elements (ropes), which minimizes the presence of the inertial component and allows  to achieve a smooth telescoping of boom sections with a load.

Besides, the crane is equipped with a modern comfortable cabin with a heater and a fan. The glazing of the driver’s cabin provides an excellent overview for the driver to monitor the working area of ​​the crane. The driver's cabin is equipped with a heating unit that provides a comfortable temperature inside the cab at an ambient temperature of minus 40 ° C. In the warm season, the heating installation can be used as an additional fan for air blowing the interior of the driver's cabin without heating it.

To ensure safety during operation, the crane is equipped with a modern safety device that prevents overloading of the crane and excludes the occurrence of an emergency. The security device is equipped with a telemetry memory unit that records the operating parameters of the crane throughout its entire service life. In addition, as part of the safety device, there is a hazardous voltage protection module, which informs the driver about the presence of power lines in the crane's working area and prevents the boom's metal structures from coming into contact with the power lines.

 The safe operation with hazardous cargos  is provided by double brakes of the load lifting mechanism, boom overhang mechanism and boom telescoping mechanism.

The hydraulic system allows controlling the crane mechanisms easily and smoothly with a wide range of speed control working operations.

Another  vehicle  on the basis of MAZ chassis  was presented by the machinery  enterprise “Svyatovit”. It has manufactured a new universal single-bucket excavator EW25M2 for the needs of military services. Here  they have taken  MAZ-631705 chassis as a basis, which was equipped with a bucket with a nominal capacity of just over 0.8 m³. Its maximum digging depth is 3.8 m, and the maximum digging height is -8.5 m.

In addition, Minsk Automobile Plant presented a mobile office Kupava-478810 at the exhibition. Ergonomic furniture -  a table and a soft corner sofa - provides comfort for negotiators. In the negotiation unit  a 32-inches TV and laptop  are installed. Wi-Fi router provides Internet access and connection of mobile devices to the TV. The kitchen unit is also equipped with everything you need, including a kettle, a fridge, a coffee machine and an electric stove.