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The International Havana Fair "FIHAV-2019" is held from 4 November to 8 November 2019 in Havana, Cuba. The Minsk Automobile Plant presents automotive equipment here such as fifth-wheel truck MAZ-643008, dump truck MAZ-650108, side-board truck MAZ-534002, and a semi-trailer MAZ-953000.

 The fifth-wheel truck MAZ-643008 with 6x4 wheel arrangement and a gross weight of 26 tons is designed for cargo transportation as a part of a road train. The truck is equipped with YaMZ-7511.10 engine and a mechanical 16-speed gearbox ZF 16S-1650.

The dump truck MAZ-650108 with three-side unloading is equipped with a reliable YaMZ-7511.10 diesel engine. The engine is designed for operation at temperatures from -60 to +50 C. A nine-speed YaMZ-239 mechanical gearbox is installed on MAZ-650108. The dump truck MAZ-650108 is stable on any road surface, both on asphalt and on the ground.

Thanks to the improved suspension, the dump truck has a soft and smooth ride, even on rough roads. The rear axles are equipped with interwheel and axis locks. This provides better cross-country ability and an excellent handling. There is no need in space for truck’s unloading and loading. The dump truck turns quickly and easily even in cramped conditions. In addition, this model has an improved safety system for a driver and a passenger.

The side-board truck MAZ-53402 with 4x2 wheel arrangement and a gross weight of 19 tones is intended for cargo transportation along regional and city routes. The model is adapted for operation in difficult weather and road conditions. Also it combines unpretentiousness in service and reliability of the design.

The main feature of MAZ-5340 is a universal chassis that allows consumers to adjust the truck for specific purposes by using various types of super-structures. The truck is good in the city conditions and is characterized by good dynamics and mobility. The series of MAZ-5340 modifications contains a large number of models with various engines. The following aggregates such as YaMZ-536; YaMZ-6582.10E3 and Mercedes OM501 LA are used for the truck. Optionally, the cabin for MAZ-534002 can be equipped with an autonomous heater and climate system with air conditioning. For tropical conditions, elements resistant to high temperatures are installed.

The semi-trailer MAZ-953000 is designed for transportation of wood chips and lightweight cargoes as a part of a road train with a fifth-wheel truck with hydraulic equipment. The permissible weigh of the transported cargo is 43 tons, while the volume of a dump truck platform is 30 m³. The spring-balancing suspension installed on the semi-trailer and it is equipped with 315/80R22.5 (12.00R20) tires and ABS system.

At the Havana exhibition, enterprises of the Belarusian industry are represented by Pavel Utyupin, the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Belarus. The managers and representatives of Minsk Automobile Plant held negotiations with various departments and organizations of Cuba: the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Industry of Cuba.

For sure, such an active participation in the negotiations, based on long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation, as well as the high interest in MAZ vehicles from the Cuban side will increase the volume of Minsk Automobile Plant products supplies to Cuba.