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MAZ-SPORTauto team faced unpleasant “surprises” at the seventh stage of the Dakar-2019 rally-raid. Sergey Vyazovich punched the wheel, but nevertheless finished the second one, and Alexey Vishnevsky’s MAZ spent the night in the desert because of a technical breakdown.

The seventh special stage was a 323-kilometer long “loop” around the Peruvian city of San Juan de Marcon. Most of the route passed through the desert area, where sandy tracks alternated segments with dunes. It was enormous heavy  not only  for the pilots, but also for the trucks - many crews were faced with problems.




“Today was a mixed start, and there were a lot of buggies on the track those who descended - Kolomna, Macik – started before us. It is not clear why the “descended” crews were put in front of us. They are catching up, and they are dusting and interfering. After 160 km we approached the dunes, and then everything fell into place. There was no dust there, and those guys for whom dunes are difficult were immediately eliminated”,said Sergey Vyazovich. - We saw Dmitry Sotnikov’s "KAMAZ", who was standing there. We stopped and asked whether he needs help. As it turned out, he had one of the high-pressure hoses of the hydraulic booster leaking, we didn’t have such a spare part with us, so we went further.”

Later, the “fastest MAZ” met the Russian Eduard Nikolayev, who fell into the funnel. He asked to wait in order to have insurance in this case. The Belarusians agreed and, together with KAMAZ, drove to the finish line.

“But here we began to lose power, and we released Eduard when it was impossible to climb the dunes. Three kilometers before the finish there was a descent, on the way to which was a road with sand and a step down. We jumped - the truck flew sideways and the rear wheel got into the stone. We hit the disc, the wheel instantly lowered. But three km decided to drive without replacement at a speed of 50-60 km / h. We got to the finish with a flat tire. And thus proved again that MAZ is still one of the fastest trucks in the peleton, ”the team’s head said.


Thus, Sergei Vyazovich showed the second time - 5 hours and 18 minutes. Only Gerard de Roy on Iveco spent half an hour less on the track. In the overall standings, the Belarusian crew got to seventh place and is now behind the permanent leader of the current race, Eduard Nikolaev, by 6 hours and 18 minutes.

Alexander Vasilevsky finished the tenth. His time is almost 7 hours 27 minutes, the backlog is 2 hours 39 minutes. In the general classification, the Belarusian crew is in the top ten and loses to the Russian crew for more than 9 hours.

“We had a good speed after the start. We went into the rocky canyon on the 103rd km, where the wheel was punched and later changed. The dunes were passed without problems: they did not sit and did not slip. And the organizers did not let us go to the last point because of the heavy fog, ”said Alexander Vasilevsky.



Alexei Vishnevsky’s MAZ faced with technical problems at the beginning of the track - there were problems with the drive gear. The removal took a lot of time, as a result it got dark and guys had to spend the night in the desert. The riders decided to continue the race with the dawn and try to catch before the finish line closes. Guys’ Spartan endurance deserves respect.

The eighth stage will lead riders to the city of Pisco. The length of the special stage is 360 km. This time, the 10 fastest sport cars, 10 motorcycles and 5 trucks, despite the different classes, will start together. Sergey Vyazovich’s MAZ will be among them.