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Belarusian riders completed the Dakar-2019 rally-raid in the top ten fastest trucks. Sergei Vyazovich’s MAZ was sixth, and Alexander Vasilevsky's camion took eighth place. - Alexey Vishnevsky finished the race nearby - on the 11th line. “MAZ-SPORTauto” has become one of the few teams whose crews with their full complement have overcome the most severe marathon on the planet.


The last race, as expected, did not particularly affect the position of the crews in the standings. The riders overcame a small special stage 112 km long without any particular difficulties, leaving no chance for the opponents to take their positions. Alexander Vasilevsky showed the eighth time, Sergey Vyazovich - the tenth. Unfortunately, the crew failed to play 14 minutes in the fight for the fifth place. Alexey Vishnevsky handed over the pipe from his truck to Vyazovich and thereby sacrificed his result at the stage, having arrived among the latter.

Sergey Vyazovich’s MAZ showed the best result among Belarusians, who took the sixth place in the overall standings. The champion was the crew of "KAMAZ-master" managed by Eduard Nikolaev, who was ahead of the "fastest MAZ" by 6 hours and 39 minutes. In second place is his team-mate Dmitry Sotnikov, and Dutchman Gerard de Roy closed the first three on Iveco. Above the Belarusians also completed the rally Argentine Federico Villagra and Czech Ales Loprais.


 Alexander Vasilevsky overcame the marathon in the eighth position, behind the winner by more than 10 hours. The Belarusian crew came all the stages relatively smoothly and without serious incidents.This is already a great achievement - to conquer the entire Dakar route and to come to the finish. More than half of the crews in the truck category got off the race.

 The crew of Alexei Vishnevsky came to Dakar finish as well. Despite spending the night in the desert, the crew did not leave the race, but got to the very end and took the 11th place in the "absolute", thus showing a spartan character.

 “The race began quite well for us in the first part of the route, but then such adventures began, that there are no words and emotions at the finish. But this is “Dakar”, and every year it becomes more and more difficult,”notes Alexey Vishnevsky.

 The current “Dakar” indeed confirmed the unofficial status of the “race for survival”. Belarusian crews do not remember such an exhausting and tense marathon. In terms of difficulty, it surpassed even the anniversary rally-raid of the past year. And although there were less stages - only 10, but almost all of them passed through sandy areas with treacherous dunes and  “fesh-fesh” in off-road conditions. Many crews were stuck in the craters and lost in the navigation, and the equipment failed at the most inopportune moment.

  “There were more impressions this time than in all previous years. The current "Dakar" has become the most difficult in my career. There were many adventures and interesting special stages, and we have never met so much sand. Our result could be higher, especially since the truck allowed, but we managed to take sixth place, which is also good,” said the co-driver Pavel Garanin.


Almost all the failures of the Belarusian team are due to human factors. All three Belarusian crews got into sand traps, but they were safely rescued out of them - either  by themselves or with the help of the teammates.

“Admittedly, we were wrong. But we were very pleased with our trucks. MAZ proved to be one of the most durable trucks on the planet. Even after serious falls in the sands, they continued to ride, overcoming huge dunes. It’s hard to imagine more advanced vehicles, ”says Sergey Viazovich.

Pilot Alexander Vasilevsky, in turn, proposes to take into account the incredibly harsh conditions of the race: every day there were sands, high dunes and many other obstacles.

 “MAZ showed itself from the best side: our crew went through the entire race without a single failure, except for the punctures of the wheels. By the way, January 17 is my birthday, and there is no greater happiness than celebrating it on the podium in the top ten crews of the most serious race in the world, ”admitted the Belarusian racer.

The Belarusians certainly deserve the “golden Bedouin” for their helping their rivals during the race. So, MAZ trucks pulled out of the sands Ayrat Mardeev’s KamAZ, Gerard de Roy’s Iveco and even the motorcycle of one woman-racer.

MAZ-SPORTauto team participated in Dakar rally-raid for the eighth time. This time the marathon passed through the territory of only one country - Peru. Rally-raid took 11 days, and started and ended in Lima. The riders overcame about 5 thousand km in deserts, mountain cliffs and dry river beds.