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Home News 2018 7 MAZ-SPORTauto IS IN TOP-5 AT SILK WAY



Belarusian racers completed the second stage of Silk Way rally with variable success. Alexei Vishnevsky nobly returned to pull out of the forging MAZ of Alexander Vasilevsky, and the crew of Sergei Vyazovich stayed in the top five overall despite the difficulties,.

The second  leg brought racers to Elista. The 311 km long section was a steppe road with pits, ravines and streams. Belarusian racers faced the first serious difficulties, but nevertheless managed to finish safely. Since the stage was marathon, the crews have to prepare their own "combat vehicles" for the continuation of the race.

Silver Dakar winner Sergey Vyazovich appeared at the seventh stage, spending 3 hours 54 minutes on the route. The winner of the race was Russian Andrey Karginov, who bypassed the Belarusians for almost 28 minutes. In the overall standings, the "fastest MAZ" takes the fifth place, behind the leader for 26 minutes.

"Three times we stopped because of a turbine breakdown: somewhere from the 100th kilometer began to lose power. Fortunately, we are carrying another turbocharger with us: we are able to change it in an hour or two and we are ready for the next stage, "said Sergey Vyazovich.

 Alexander Vasilevsky’s MAZ completed the race at the 12th position. Their time is 6 hours 2 minutes, and the backlog is 2 hours 36 minutes. In the general classification this crew takes 11th place with a "loss" of 2 hours 59 minutes. Almost identical time showed Alexei Vishnevsky, who finished on the 11th place and rolled back on the 9th line in the "absolute" with a delay of 2 hours 39 minutes.

Alexey Vishnevsky had to go back to pull Alexander Vasilevsky’s truck out of the mud trap. In this situation they were helped by another crew - 77-year-old Japanese Yoshimasa Sugawara on Hino. "When we were passing the river shallow, the truck got stuck in the salt marsh. It was useless to drip, as the rear axle caught a lot of dirt. On soft soil, they stayed for about 2.5 hours until help arrived, " said co-driver Anton Zaporoschenko.

The crew of Vitaly Murylev missed the marathon stage due to technical problems. The mechanics found defects in the engine. Their reason is a poor-quality engine assembly during the overhaul at the Tutaev Motor Plant. In the coming days, the team will try to fix the problem by itself.

The second part of the marathon stage offered  riders 332 km of distance. Most of the route was passed along the fast steppe roads, however, the co-drivers had tol take the utmost attention to not get lost. Towards the end tens of kilometers of scrub-covered sand are expected.

Rally-raid "Silk Road" passes only through the territory of Russia this year. The length of the route is 5948 km. The race started in Astrakhan, and will be completed in Moscow. Among the obstacles - mountain plots, gorges, riverbeds, ravines and treacherous dunes. About 20 crews, including 4 camions from "MAZ-SPORTavto” team participate in the truck category. All Belarusian crews entered the TOP-10 overall standings in the last year's marathon.