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Minsk Automobile Plant traditionally represents the most popular  vehicles at the XXII International Specialized Exhibition "Transport and Logistics-2018", which is held from 2 to 4 October 2018 in Minsk, 20/2, Pobediteley Ave., Football Arena. At the exhibition, MAZ presents following vehicles equipment:

 - Fifth-wheel truck  MAZ-643028;

- MAZ-5440E9 fifth-wheel truck;

- Mobile-office Kupava 478810.

MAZ-643028 fifth-wheel truck  with  6x4  wheel arrangement (Euro-5) with hydraulic selection is equipped with a Weichai Power WP12.430E50 engine (430 h.p.) It should be noted the good traction properties of Weichai engine and low noise as well as low fuel consumption and maintainability.

The fifth-wheel truck is distinguished by a reinforced rear suspension (26,000 kg). The load on the fifth wheel coupling is 22,600 kg, which makes it possible to tow semi-trailers as part of an auto train with a gross weight up to 65 tons.

A large 5440 cabin with a low roof is installed on the tractor. In the double cabin there is one full increased berth. The cabin is equipped with springs, the driver’s and passenger’s seats are with  an air suspension, the steering column is adjustable in height and angle of inclination. There is a convenient central table with two cup holders.

The vehicle is equipped with hydraulic equipment for working with a dump semi-trailer.

The fifth-wheel truck MAZ-5440E9 is designed to work as part of a road-train for international and intercity transportation.

The truck is equipped with an OM501LA.V engine of Euro-5 environmental class with a capacity of 435 h.p. and a 16-speed ZF gearbox.

Rear pneumatic four-ball suspension provides smooth running, helps to reduce the dynamic load on the pavement and reduce the load on the frame, which significantly increases its durability. In the production of the frame and the cabin, a catapharesis priming is used, due to which the coating thickness is increased, thus allowing to provide a high corrosion protection.

The truck has a comfortable cabin with a modern configuration with two places for rest and a high ceiling.

There is  also an “office on wheels” “Kupava” 478810 presented here. The mobile office consists of two compartments: a rather spacious comfortable meeting room and a kitchen unit. In the meeting room there is a comfortable sofa, table, air conditioning, TV. You can even make presentations here via multimedia connections. The kitchen has a gas stove, sink, and a refrigerator.

The mobile office Kupava 478810 is assembled on the basis of the medium-tonnage chassis 4x2 MAZ-4371. MAZ-4371 automobile chassis with wheel arrangement 4х2 can be equipped with MMZ, YaMZ, Cummins Inc engines  meeting the requirements for ecology Euro-4 and Euro-5 classes. The fuel supply system includes a 200-liter fuel tank, which allows  to increase the fuel range up to 100 km. Fuel consumption is 17.5 liters per 100 km when driving at a speed of 60 km / h, and 23.5 liters when driving at a speed of 80 km / h. The truck uses a Racor filter water separator with heating, which eliminates the influence of low-quality fuel on the performance of the truck.

The frame consists of two straight spars of channel section with a flat upper and lower shelves. This design feature allows you to change the length of the rear overhang and the base of the truck, as well as simplifies the installation of various types of utility and industrial superstructures.

A hypoid drive axle with ABS sensors is installed on the truck, which reduces fuel consumption by 5-7%. Integral steering contributes to increased vehicle maneuverability.