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Minsk Automobile Plant produced the first bus of extra large capacity with a “pushing” drive and the newest joint of Hubner company, which is applied for the first time in the world. The firstborn will be presented at the Busworld international bus salon, which will be held in Moscow from October 23 to 25.

MAZ 216 will be the first articulated Belarusian bus with a rear-engine composition. The power drive will be located not in the head, but in the tail section of the bus. As a result, the engineers made a quiet and spacious cabin, giving more space to passengers, including mothers with children and people with limited mobility. The new bus is  completely low-floor - the height of the step above the road level is 34 cm, and when using the kneeling it equals 27 cm.

Among the differences is the unique joint unit 24.2 of the German company Hubner, which compares favorably with the serial version 19.5. For the first time it will be tested just on the Belarusian bus.

The bus “stretched out” at a length of 18 m with a width of 2.55 m and a height of 3.1 m. The maximum gross weight reaches 28 tons. The bus will be equipped with a 326-horsepower engine from Mercedes (Daimler AG OM 926) of Euro-5 class and an Allison automatic transmission (T375w / Ret). Top speed is limited to 85 km / h. By the way, for the EU countries, buses will be equipped with Euro-6 engines. The fuel tank is designed for 300 liters, but customly it will be expanded up to 400 liters and transferred to the rear overhang of the 1st section.

The new bus belongs to the category of buses of extra large capacity. Inside, 40 branded seats are provided, and in total  the cabin provides space  for about 170 people. The bus is intended for use in urban environments along the busiest routes. The configuration of the cabin can be changed depending on the wishes of the customer. Inside there is a powerful air conditioner with heating function. 

The new bus was made in just six months. The works started in spring in Dzerzhinsk, where the frame was welded, and the final assembly was carried out in the workshops of the Minsk Automobile Plant. The first bus is symbolically painted in the colors of the European Games in Minsk, during which passengers will be transported by MAZ buses.

The new bus is planned to be delivered to major cities of the EAEU countries and  far abroad. There is also a demand for a bus with a “pushing” drive in Poland and Estonia, and there is an interest in it in Serbia.

“The articulated bus with the“ pushing ”drive is one of the most long-awaited new MAZ products, which significantly expands our capabilities. In particular, in Europe, the most common passenger vehicles are with such a composition. So now the development of bus vehicles in Belarus will be carried out in several directions - both with a “pulling” and “pushing” drive, which allows us to increase our presence in foreign markets", noted in MAZ.

MAZ bus with a “pushing” drive will be shown for the first time at the international exhibition Busworld Russia. The bus salon will be held in Moscow from October 23 to 25. 84 companies from 14 countries of the world from buses and electric buses manufacturers  to navigation systems developers will take part in it.