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Two Belarusian crews successfully overcame the second special stage of the anniversary rally "Dakar" and finished in the top seven. The most spectacular was the performance of the young MAZ pilot Alexei Vishnevsky, who showed the sixth time.

The second stage became a serious test for the pilots. The ringed route near the Peruvian Pisco passed through sections with huge dunes and sharp stones. Many crews were stuck in the sands or faced technical problems, that was why they lost a lot of time.

"Belarusian crews immediately moved forward.   Sergei Vyazovich's crew passed several trucks, including KAMAZ trucks and Renault, but somewhere along the 60th kilometer, carelessly went  over the peak of the dune and got stuck on it. Happily, the crew of Alexei Vishnevsky  pulled out the truck with a rope, " was  told by the team. " The young Belarusian driver rode fast and without mistakes.  "If Alexei did not get lost at the end of the route, after following  Dmitry Sotnikov, he could finish in the number of leaders ".

As a result, Alexei Vishnevsky finished the stage on the sith line, spending 3 hours 50 minutes for overcoming  the special stage and he was behind the best time for 26 minutes. Aminute and a half more was needed for Sergei Vyazovich, who turned out to be the seventh. In the general ranking, the Belarusian crews occupied  the seventh and eighth positions with a gap of 29 minutes.

The leader of the race was the Russian Eduard Nikolaev. At the same time, the stage was not joyful for KAMAZ-master: at the beginning of the route, Ayrat Mardeev’s truck, who was brought to the rescue by Anton Shibalov, turned over on his side. In fact, only two crews of the titled team can now qualify for the first place in the overall standings.

Technical difficulties arose with the crew  of Alexander Vasilevsky. One of the engine turbines broke down during the stage. Since there are two of them in the V-shaped engine, the riders decided to go on with one. Other Belarusian trucks are equipped with more modern units, there were no problems.

The third stage will lead the racers to San Juan de Marcona. The special stage  will be 296 km and it will pass mainly along the sand and barkhans.