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Today is a long-awaited day of rest,  but the team will not rest. Mechanics need to prepare trucks for the start of the 7th marathon stage, and this requires special attention. The marathon stage assumes that trucks will pass two stages without service, and this will become a serious test of sports bolids for endurance. Of course, the crews themselves will be able to service the trucks on stage, but without the help of the team this can cause some difficulties. That's why all the forces today are thrown at the maximum preparation of the bolides for tomorrow's launch.




The seventh stage of the rally-marathon "Dakar-2018" will have an extent of 669 kilometers, the length of the special stage is 368 kilometers. The beginning of the stage will be rapid, but when the surface of the road changes to sandy with vegetation, finding a control point will be an important and difficult task. When the participants get to the bivouac, the cars will remain in the service park, deprived of technical support at the marathon stage.

Crews Start Time:
512 - S.Vyazovich / P.Garanin / A.Zhigulin - 13:42 (20:42 Minsk time)
518 - A.Vishnevsky / M.Novikov / A.Neverovich - 13:50 (20:50  Minsk time)
503 - A.Vasilevsky / D.Vihrenko / A.Zaporoshchenko - 13:59 (20:59 Minsk time)