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"MAZ-SPORTauto" team won "silver" at the jubilee marathon "Dakar-2018". Sergey Vyazovich's crew took the second place in the overall standings of the race, which was the best result for the Belarusians in history.

The last special stage of 120 km long, as expected, did not bring surprises. Despite the obstacles, the drivers passed the route relatively calmly and without incidents. Sergei Vyazovich, who showed the eighth time in the 14th race, did not risk either. The fastest on the stage was Ton van Genugten on Iveco, who outpaced the Belarusians for 7 minutes. On the nineth line Alexander Vasilevsky finished with a gap of 12 minutes, and the 13th came Alexei Vishnevsky, losing 15 minutes.

According to the results of the race, Sergei Vyazovich took the second place of honor. The champion of the marathon was Eduard Nikolayev from the team "KAMAZ-master", who outstripped the MAZ crew for 3 hours 57 minutes. Russian Ayrat Mardeev, who was behind the Belarusians for almost an hour and a half, has closed the first three. Behind the fastest MAZ, Kazakh driver Arthur Ardavichus, Czech Martin Martin, Japanese Teruhito Shugawara and other drivers finished. At the same time, about half of the crews left the race.

Alexander Vasilevsky completed the rally in 12th place, losing to the winner 26 hours. The line below was finished by Alexey Vishnevsky, who was behind for 41 hour. The last stages these crews drove almost a string and thereby helped each other.

"Jubilee Dakar was the most difficult rally-raid in recent years. Such a number of sandy areas, dunes and other obstacles the crews did not meet in any race in the world. After a rather weak last year's rally, the drivers were given tests that few expected. At the same MAZ proved to be on the best side, withstanding monstrous loads.

"The race was difficult from the first stage to the last. Despite all the difficulties, we managed to finish among the leaders. I admit honestly: both MAZ and KAMAZ wanted to have  the Slavs on the podium. Fortunately, we succeeded, - said the head of "MAZ-SPORTauto" Sergei Vyazovich. - In addition, we showed the world that Minsk Automobile Plant produces  the best trucks in the world. Belarusian trucks proved to be fast, reliable and unpretentious. When others broke and did not cope, MAZ confidently overcame the most difficult routes. "

Belarusians went to the top three rally-race leaders, starting with the third stage. What is interesting, at that stage Sergey Vyazovich's MAZ fell from a five-meter dune and rolled over on his side. However, Alexei Vishnevsky in 10 minutes put the truck on the wheels. At the eighth stage MAZ crew faced another problem - it sucked into the mud, but Anton Shibalov at KAMAZ came to the resque. In the next stage the Belarusians already helped the Russians when the truck caught fire.  Alex Vishnevsky was distinguished  in the role of "rescuer"  most of all. He only in one stage helped three crews at once.

Belarusian racers took part in the rally-race "Dakar" for the seventh time. The main goal was to be among the strongest crews, andd that was achieved. This year the marathon was held on the territory of three countries - Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. The length of only high-speed sections was about 3.5 thousand km, with most of the route passing along sandy routes with large dunes.