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Sport team "MAZ-SPORTauto" is now preparing in Peru for the start of the rally-marathon "DAKAR-2018". The team is going through a very important pre-start stage. On January 2, the crews took trucks in the port of Callao in Lima and started preparing them  for technical scrutineering and verifications. Any, even a small, missed detail can be a serious problem, so this stage of scrutineering is very important.

For this reason, as well as for the purpose of adapting to the local conditions of the race the crews implemented  training. Peru is famous for its sand dunes first of all. The pilots need to have certain skills and experience for the successful going of the special stages in this area..

However, our pilots are very experienced ones. Alexander Vasilevsky, one of the most experienced pilots of the sports team, shared his impressions of the first training this year: "The training was great, the sand dunes, the stony hills, all that we need to adapt. The more circles we pass, the better and faster it turns out. And, besides, we have the opportunity to adapt to weather conditions. " The youngest pilot of the team Alexey Vishnevsky also stressed that the training was successful, the crews feel  fine, even despite the time difference. .
 According to the head of the team, Sergey Vyazovich, a full training of all three crews is an integral part of the process of preparing of the team for the start. "I was glad that there were no problems with equipment and crews. The equipment is in good repair, they have rolled in to the terrain, everything is going on in the normal mode, " the head of the team shared.

Technical verifications will be held on January 5, after which sports trucks will remain in a closed park. And on January 6 the teams will go to the city of Pisco for the first special stage. It will be a prologue, the length of 31 kilometers. Such stage will give the placement of the starting positions before the subsequent  full sections.

In the meantime, our sportsmen are preparing for the start and are in a fighting mood.

Be with us, cheer for us!