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Belarusian crews successfully finished  the first stage of the rally-race "Dakar".  Sergey Viazovich finished a 31-kilometer prologue with the sixth time, leaving behind about 40 racing trucks.

Jubilee "Dakar" started in Peru. After the podium in Lima, the competitors moved to the coastal town of Pisco, on the edge of which a small high-speed section expected them. For the prologue, the organizers of the rally chose not the simplest sand track with dunes. However it did not cause any difficulties for the Belarusians - all MAZ trucks passed the stage at a good speed and without any incidents.

 "Special stage was familiar to the racers.  We haves already conquered it in 2013, only in a different direction. The MAZ-SPORTauto crews overcame the route smoothly, almost at the same pace, - was told in the team. - The track with the dunes allowed "to roll into the race," no one expected a light beginning. And on a small special stage out trucks  managed to outrun other crews. Especially Alexei Vishnevsky succeeded, who bypassed Renault and Scania ".

Sergey Vyazovich’ s crew overcame the special stage in 27 minutes, finishing sixth in the standings. From the winner of the stage -  Alesh Loprais - the Belarusian crew fell behind almost 2 minutes. For a minute more spent on the track Alexei Vishnevsky, who came in the tenth. Alexander Vasilevsky finished in a line below with a lag behind the leader in 3 minutes.

The second stage will take place in the vicinity of Pisco. After a short liazon, the crews will have to cover a 267 km long special stage. Among the main obstacles are dangerous canyons and treacherous dunes.

It should also be noted that DAKAR-2018 is not only a support of the teams by fans. The teams themselves, organizers, pilots help citizens of those territories through which the route of the rally passes. And this year TECNO, together with the organizers Amaury Sport Organizationy, built houses for two needy families in Peru. whose habitation was in ruined condition, and some pilots personally painted the walls of these houses. Fearless, courageous people do not forget about such empathy and help people who are in a difficult situation.

Be with us, cheer for us!