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All three crews of the team "MAZ-SPORT Auto" completed the 12th stage of the rally-raid "Dakar" in the top ten. The best time among the crews of MAZ-SPORT auto showed Sergey Vyazovich, who finished the sixth. In the 12th rally stage, the drivers collided with stony stretches, riverbeds, and with rills that remained after heavy rains. The stage included two high-speed sections with a total length of 523 km.

Sergei Vyazovich started well, but did not take risks to keep the high score in the overall standings. "The second stage was a killer for the truck - first of all, its suspension, which was set up for a fast road, we were exhausted, and somewhere about 100 km before the finish in the bushes we broke the wheel, as a result, we lost about 10 minutes to replace it, Sergei Vyazovich - Eduard Nikolayev, who competes for one second with Argentinian Federico Villagra, is 30 km before the finish, judging by everything, the fight will be tense in the last two stages. "This year, with every new race, the race is becoming more difficult."

Sergei Vyazovich showed at the stage of the sixth time - 7 hours 28 minutes. The winner of the race was the Dutchman Tony van Genugten on Iveco, who was ahead of the 512 crew for 26 minutes. In general ranking Vyazovich's crew occupies the third position and is "lucky" to race leader Eduard Nikolayev from KAMAZ-master 3 hours and 26 minutes. Interestingly, Argentinian Federico Villagra is only one second behind the Russian.

Alexei Vishnevsky completed the stage on the eighth line. His time is 7 hours 37 minutes, the gap is 35 minutes. In the general classification the crew is on the 15th place, losing to the Russian 41 hour 30 minutes.
Alexander Vasilevsky showed the tenth time - 7 hours 41 minutes, behind the winner of the stage for 39 minutes. An interesting detail: during the race the truck almost collided with the cow, but managed to brake in time. In the "absolute" the crew retains the 14th position with a difference of 24 hours 28 minutes in comparison with the result of the leader of the marathon.

The special stage of the 13th stage will stretch to 369 km and will include both dunes and fesh-fesh (quicksand, similar to a cement mixture). The penultimate stage will be full of "traps", on which you can lose time and, accordingly, positions in the standings.