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Home News 2017 8 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAZ!


And again, Minsk Automobile Plant celebrates its 73rd anniversary. 


Time passes by and Minsk Automobile Plant is changing..

Today, plant manufactures not only trucks but also buses, cranes, auto-hydraulic elevators, special vehicles and machine kits. According to the data summaries, only by July 2017 (for the last half-year) 3136 trucks, 512 units of trailers, including machine-tools, were produced, 499 buses, 89 truck cranes, 26 auto-elevators, 59 trucks for public utilities. For the moment, MAZ special vehicles is actively sold in the CIS countries, EURASEC, Georgia and Ukraine, there also has been a serious increase in sales in countries such as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Not only domestic superstructures are installed  at MAZ chassis.  The plant cooperates with such world leaders in the production of municipal equipment as  J.Hvidtved Larsen and GeesinkNorba companies. Joint venture Zoomlion-MAZ LLC, in addition to the previously submitted truck cranes, plans to enter the market with about twenty samples of Belarusian-Chinese special machinery.  

We are also confident in stable sales of trucks, actively cooperate with our long-standing partners and are always ready to open new facets of cooperation in the trucks sales sphere.

The sports team of Minsk Automobile Plant confidently participates in famous international rally-raids, advertising the plant's products and the triumph of the design idea. In the last of the rally-raids - "Silk Road-2017" - our crew under the leadership of Sergey Viazovich took the fifth place - one of the best in the history of the team "MAZSPORT-auto".

Yes, not everything is so smooth, the world is not stable, and this is reflected in the domestic automobile industry. We have to compete in difficult conditions, reduce costs during procurement and production. But the trump card for MAZ in this hard competition is always the same - high quality of equipment, its reliability, quick and qualitative elimination of breakdowns in the warranty period and subsequent maintenance. The enterprise aims to expand the number of assembly plants, the subjects of the distribution network far abroad, and the geography of supplies. The increase in the sales and the expansion of the model range also due to the fundamentally new design developments, taking the niches where our competitors are not yet present – this is the aim and guiding line for Minsk automobile plant. Well, a great ship - a great voyage.

Happy birthday, MAZ!