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 In 2017 Minsk Automobile Plant will launch the mass production of Euro-6 ecological class trucks for European market. As it is reported at MAZ, the absolutely new dump trucks and truck tractors with Mercedes-Benz powerful engines have been developed at the plant.

  The trucks are produced in budget and lux classes. In particular, for the European market there are three models of truck tractors with engines starting from 300 horsepower.  The vehicles will go into mass production after carrying out of the necessary tests.

 The new trucks proved to be more powerful, more economical and safer than their predecessors. Among the main differences there are modified design and new components. First of all, cars are equipped with the latest Mercedes-Benz engines and engine cooling system. The frame construction has become more resistant to thermal loads- a special alloy of high-strength steel is used for its production. The cabin became more comfortable: there are comfortable adjustable seats, storage boxes and an on-board computer.

 With new trucks, MAZ will be able to expand its presence in the Baltic countries, the Balkans and Western Europe. It is assumed that the lot of vehicles will be sold in Sweden. "Our Euro-6 trucks are competitive in the European Union both in terms of quality and price. For sure, we  soberly assess our prospects and the level of competition, but we really have something to offer  to the European buyers, "said Andrei Gurchenko, deputy head of the special machinery sales department.

 In the European Union, the truck market is divided among  the "Big Seven": DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania and Volvo. "It's not easy to break into this market. But each manufacturer has its own characteristics. So the strengths of MAZ are associated with high performance characteristics and affordable cost. Belarusian trucks are strong and durable - they were created as well for work in the conditions of the Far North. Our vehicles do not get frozen at 20 degrees below zero, "Andrei Gurchenko explained.

 New trucks are planned as well to be shipped to Russian carriers that make transfers to European countries. "The enterprise will supply dump trucks and truck tractors of the Euro-6 class to the Russian market in advance of local producers and simultaneously with the "big European seven". The requirements for Euro-6 class trucks cars are still being determined in Russia, and we are ready to supply ready-made trucks," the representative of the Minsk Automobile Plant emphasized.

 Serial production is preceded by protracted tests of vehicles. Trucks of the Euro-6 class have a large number of components which testing requires significant mileage - from 25 to 200 thousand kilometers. Engineers continue to test the reliability of the systems - from engine operation to cruise control. Tests should be completed in the coming months, after which it will be possible to expand the production of European trucks.