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Producing of  a wide range of products has allowed  Minsk Automobile Plant to  participate in two international exhibitions in Warsaw (Poland) - WARSAW BUS, dedicated to the public transport industry and MT TSL (freight, expedition, logistics), which took place from 22 to 24 March 2017 in the exhibition center "PTAK WARSAW EXPO" in Warsaw.

The exhibition "WARSAW BUS EXPO 2017" is the meeting point for the leading representatives of organizations involved in public transport, manufacturers of vehicles, spare parts and equipment, companies seeking to find the best technological solutions. WARSAW BUS-2017 demonstrates innovative vehicles and technologies that will determine trends in public transport and will be a point of interest to every visitor. And the international exhibition of transport, forwarding and logistics "MT TSL" is a meeting point for manufacturers, suppliers and entrepreneurs in the transport industry. Taking into account the constantly changing market, economic, geopolitical and legislative circumstances, MT TSL (Transport - Delivery - Logistics) becomes an important part of the company development strategy.

MAZ together with the company "MAZ AUTO POLAND" Sp.z. o.o. presents the following vehicles:

- MAZ 203088 (EURO-6), a low-floor bus designed for the transportation of passengers along urban and suburban routes, equipped with a Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA Euro-6 engine with 320 hp. and a 6-speed automatic transmission ZF 6AP1400B. The passenger capacity of the bus is 98 people, while in the passenger cabin there are from 24 to 32 seats. MAZ 203088 is equipped with a "kneeling" system (the body tilts towards the doors) and a ramp, which makes the boarding and off-boarding of disabled people and low-mobility groups of the population easier and safer.

-  MAZ-6516M9 (Euro-6) four-axle dump truck with 8x4 wheel arrangement is designed for heavy loads carrying. This vehicle has a lifting capacity of almost 26 tons. The dump truck is equipped with a platform with rear unloading and a tail-board with a volume of 21 cubic meters. This model has a 476-horsepower engine Mercedes-Benz OM471, R-6, Euro-6 and 12-speed robotic gearbox Mercedes-Benz G281-12 New AMT.

- Auto crane KC-6574Z-1 with a lifting capacity of 40 tons, designed to perform loading and unloading, construction and installation works at distributed facilities. It is mounted on the chassis MAZ-6516V9 with 8x4 wheel arrangement. The boom has an ovoid profile. The maximum boom length is 39.2 m. The maximum lifting height is 48.8 m. The crane KC-6574Z-1 is the result of cooperation between the Minsk Automobile Plant and the Chinese company ZOOMLION.

It should be noted that the Minsk Automobile Plant together with «MAZ AUTO POLAND» Sp.z o.o. actively participates in the specialized exhibition events in Poland. Demonstration of MAZ vehicles in this region will allow to attract customers and to expand the presence of MAZ trade mark in the territory of the European Union .