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Home News 2017 12 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAZ-SPORTauto!


Exactly 7 years ago the leadership of Minsk Automobile Plant decided to create a sports team - "MAZ-SPORTauto"  with the aim of participating in rally racing.

During these 7 years the team has successfully established itself in the field of international rallies. MAZ-SPORTauto has repeatedly become the winner of such famous rallies as "Silk Way", "Dakar", "Gold of Kagan", "Simbirsky Trakt", "Great Steppe", "Bakha".

Each employee of MAZ-SPORTauto is a part of this complex but well-functioning mechanism.

Each designer, pilot, navigator, mechanic, locksmith performs his tasks and puts the soul into his work. Thanks to their selfless work, the team and the plant became known far beyond their homeland.

The victories and prizes of the sports team perfectly represent the design potential and the desire for new perspectives.

It should be noted that the creation and prosperity of the team for 7 years was made possible by unshakable optimism and faith in the result of those who stood at the origins of the team and did not lose heart in difficult times.

Let’s wish further prosperity to the team and perseverance, courage, family well-being and health to the each member of the team!