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Stage 11 of DAKAR-2017 is finished, there were two specials in 114 km and 173 km, the total length was 754 km.

The dunes of San Juan were the last ones that the competitors confronted on the route of the Dakar 2017, dotted over fifty kilometres at the start of the special. 

S. Viazovich (511) took the 18th place ad is at the 13th position in the general ranking.
A.Vasilevski (522) is the tenth at the stage and in the general ranking he enters the 6th place.
A. Vishneuski (533) is at the 16th position at the stage, and in general ranking he takes the 19th place.


Ahead is the final twelveth stage from Rio Cuarto to Buenos Aires. All the competitors threw themselves into the adventure and now they are going to become heroes. The 64-km long special does not include any pitfalls – all the competitors need to do is go the distance in order to enjoy a special stage's finishing line in the heart of the bivouac. At the end of a long link stage, the podium ceremony in Buenos Aires will take place in front of the Argentinean Automobile Club.

The total length is 786 km, the special is 64 km.

Starting time for the final stage:

511 (S.Viazovich / P.Haranin / A.Zhigulin) – 10:06:00 (16:06:00 Minsk time)

522 (A.Vasilevski / D.Vikhrenko / A.Zaparoschanka) – 09:59:00 (15:59:00 Minsk time) 

533 ((A.Vishneuski / M.Novikau / A.Neviarovich) – 10:12:00 (16:12:00 Minsk time).