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The best crew of MAZ-SPORTauto team became no. 511 under Sergey Viazovich piloting. He finished the stage at the 5th place. Alexey Visheuski finished the seventh stage at the 16th position, Alexander Vasileuski is at the 20th line.

At the momet all the crews are in Uyuni bivouac where they are preparing the trucks for the next stage.
The technical assistance trucks are at the bivouac in Tupiza, rthey will meet the team after stage 8 in Salta. 

In the general rankig the first place is taken by Rooy (NDL) at Iveco, the second place is taken by D. Sotnikov from Kamaz team, as well as the third place is taken also by Kamaz crew under E.Nikolaev piloting. The best Belarusian crew is still crew no. 522 under A. Vasileuski piloting. It takes the 11th line i general ranking. S. Viazovich is on the 16th place, and A.Vishneuski is still at the 20th line in general ranking.

What ca be told about the next stage is the fact that the consequences of the rain over the last few days have forced the race officials to change the route of stage 8. Rising water levels in a river bed due to be crossed by the competitors has led to the neutralisation of the day's special at CP1 after 174 km. The competitors will then head to the second part of the special at the border between Bolivia and Argentina via a 176-km link section. Following these changes, the length of the special has been reduced by 73 km. After an initial 49-km link section, the competitors will tackle 171 km on the first part of the special, before the 176-km neutralised section. The second part is unchanged, and when the competitors have finished it, they will have to travel 350 km to reach the bivouac in Salta. For the trucks, the day's special will finish at CP1. All the competitors will then head to Salta via a link section. The classification at CP1 will be used for the starting order for stage 9.The Dakar leaves the high plains for a special including off-track racing on its first part, in which crossing of fords will give way to sections of dunes. The rally has often set up the bivouac at Salta, but has never contested a special in the region where the stage will take place: there will be new canyons to admire and a sumptuous mixture of colours.

Stage 8 Uyuni - Salta
Starting time:

511 (S.Viazovich / P.Haranin / A.Zhigulin) - 10:38:00 (16:38:00 Minsk time)

522 (A.Vasileuski / D.Vikhrenka/ A.Zaparoschanka) - 10:58:00 (16:58:00 Minsk time)

533 (A.Vishneuski / M.Novikau / A.Neviarovich) - 10:54:00 (16:54:00 Minsk time).