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Rest day in Dakar can be called such only conditionally. Mechanics are working hard, preparing the trucks to the marathon stage to which the crew will go today. The stage 7 will go along the route La Paz - Uyuni. The bivouac will be organized only for sport trucks there. And only after the eighth stage the crews will meet with the rest of the team on the territory of Argentina already, in Salta. Tomorrow's special is reduced from 322km to 160. It is not surprising as heavy rains replaced long-term drought in Bolivia. Driving along mountain roads in such weather is very dangerous. Liason will be 644 km.

Starting time of the crews at the  stage 7:
511 (S.Viazovich / P.Haranin / A.Zhigulin) - 14:32:00 (21:32:00 Minsk time)
522 (A.Vasilevski / D.Vikhrenko / A.Zaparoschanka) - 14:34:00 (21:34:00 Minsk time)
533 (A.Vishneuski / M.Novikau / A.Neviarovich) - 14:38:00 (21:38:00Minsk time).).