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Crew no. 511 under Siarhei Viazovich piloting is on the 12th position.

In the very beginning of the special area the windscreen has been damaged by the  bough. As a result the visibility was almost zero. The crew had to push out the windscreen and to continue the race without it. Nevertheless they have finished with a good result.  The time lag was only 1 minute 33 seconds .
522 crew under Alexander Vasilevski piloting is at the 21st position with a time lag in 4 minutes 12 seconds.
Alexey  Vishneuski crew no.533 took 23 position with a time lag in 5 minutes 22 seconds.
The first place at this stage was taken by M.Kolomy (Tatra).

The route of the second stage from Resistencia to Tukuman will be along quite bad road. Heavy rains have left deep puddles and mud. There also will be quite narrow areas. If there is no changes in weather, the special will be quite speedy. But the organizers warn competitors about fesh-fesh. It is also necessary to take in consideration a 40 Celsius degrees heat that is being forecasted for this day.

The starting time of our crews at the second stage:
511 (S.Viazovich/P. Haranin/A.Zhyhulin) - 14:35:00 (local time GMT-3)
522 (A.Vasilevski/D.Vikhrenka/A. Zaparoshchanka) - 14:43:30 (local time GMT-3)
533 (А.Vishneuski/М. Novikau/А.Neviarovich) - 14:44:30 (local time GMT-3).

The distance of the second stage is more than 800 km including about 280 km special in the region of Chaco.