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Home News 2016 9 MAZ AND «ALLISON»


An annual presentation of the new models  of vehicles equipped with «Allison» transmissions took place in Hungary, Szentgotthard, on September 9, 2016.  

A group of representatives  from Minsk Automobile Plant had presented MAZ 206085 bus and the newest garbage truck based on MAZ-5340 chassis with Allison 3000 automatic transmission, OM 906 LA engine and Geesinknorba mounted equipment to the potential customers from different countries.
During the presentation an informative excursion alongside Allison plant, and the presentation of the output products took place. After this  all the wishing could personally test running qualities and comfort of the presented vehicles.
More than 100 people have participated in this presentaton. Among them were the customers and the partners of «Allison» companies from the different countries, including Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. 


The automatic gear boxes production plant  «Allison» has been operating in Hungary, Szentgotthard town, since September 2010. «Allison» transmissions are of high demand among bus and trucks producers in the whole Europe and at the developing markets. «Allison Transmission» is the key supplier of the automatic transmissions for middle-tonnage and heavy-load commercial vehicles.