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From 25 to 27 October, 2016 the exhibition «Busworld Russia 2016» is taking place in Moscow. Minsk Automobile Plant presents there MAZ 231 bus in an improved configuration. The interesting design  of the bus and the stand attracts numerous visitors.






The bus illustrates one of the passenger vehicles model that can be offered by the enterprise for the complete transport provision. This problem is the most topical for the cities that host large events when the passenger flow increases significantly and there is an extreme necessity in the streamlined transport logistics. 
One of such events is World Football Championship that will be hosted by the Russian Federation in 2018.
MAZ 231 bus is presented at the exhibition in the newest arrangement. During the operation tests the plant specialists have assessed the technical and functional characteristics of the buses. As a result, the improved modification equipped with the leading manufacturers’ components has been created. The presented bus is aggregated with Mercedes engine of Euro-5 environmental class and a manual gearbox of ZF production. The choice of the manual gear box is absolutely justified when the vehicle is being operated along suburban and long-distance routes where there is no need for frequent gears switching. 
The mounted diode optics should also be noted among the applied innovations. This is not only a bright touch to the exterior of the bus, but at first and foremost this is a keeping to the leading trends in the world of mechanical engineering. From a technological point of view the advantages of LEDs are a better light output with reduced current consumption and high validity and reliability of the dust and moisture protection. 
Particular attention was paid to ensure maximum passengers comfort. There are forty-nine or fifty-one comfortable seats installed in the cabin, thanks to which the passengers will enjoy transportation even over long distances.
It is necessary to mention a renewed interior of the bus. A pleasant color pattern creates a harmonic combination of the seats design and floor cover texture. 
The design and the bus construction features have been highly appreciated not only by the passengers and representatives of operating organizations, but also by a competent jury of «PRO Movement - the best commercial vehicle of the year in Russia", which was held at the International Auto Transport Forum "IAF-2011". As a result of the competition, the bus has been awarded the title "Best intercity bus."  

Minsk Automobile Plant has  produced passenger vehicles since 1995. City, suburban, tourists and special buses operate successfully along different routes around the world. Their design, functionality, quality and reliability were awarded by high titles at the international bus saloons and specialized exhibitions. Today, the model range of MAZ passenger vehicles includes 15 models in more than one hundred modifications.