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Minsk Automobile Plant  presents  MAZ 203088 bus of Euro-6 ecological class at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria that will take place form September 28 to October 3, 2015. 

Today the enterprise actively introduces innovative elaborations in the range of ecological and economical transport by improving intelligent control systems. This allows production of the competitive vehicles that fully corresponds to all world standards.

Presented bus is a new export product of Minsk Automobile Plant. During the process of creation the designers had taken in consideration the world trends in passenger vehicles production. As a result, a reliable bus with technical characteristics comparable to the world analogues had been created. The ratio “price-quality” makes it very attractive for the consumers.

Low-floor bus MAZ 203 is an optimal decision for passengers transportation along city and suburban routes.

The bus is equipped with Mercedes-Benz OM 936 LA Euro-6 engine with the capacity 235 kW and 6-range ZF 6AP1400B transmission.9 5 passengers can be transported with comfort and 26 seats are foreseen.

Completely low-floor bus allows time reducing for passengers boarding and un-loading, that is a very important moment in the process of transport operation along city routes in “rush-hour”.

During the process of interior creating the attention had been paid to the extra safety and comfort of the passengers. All the edges and spurs are curved and en-framed with broad aluminum profiles; new handrails fixations to the seats are applied; ceiling panels are modified in a way to provide maximum air distribution. Premium floor and side-boards coatings are used.

The bus is equipped with “kneeling” system (body leaning to the doors direction) and electronic drive bus-ramp that makes boarding of the disabled people and persons with reduced mobility faster and more comfortable.

The electronic suspension and brakes’ drive control system is applied at the bus. the increased riding quality became the result of this system usage.One more interesting innovation is a diagnostic set of all electronic systems that allows bus operation costs reducing. Besides there are visually pleasing LED lights and powerful conditioning and heating system in the bus saloon.

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