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MAZ fire-fighting trucks


The day of fire-fighting service is celebrated in Belarus on July 25th. The festive parade of the vehicles and brass bands of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations in the honor of this day. The column of bright-red colour went through the Nezavisimosti Avenue and stopped in Gorky Park. Here all interested people could watch and examine the vehicles that implement such an important and responsible task.






Fire-fighting car on the base of MAZ chassis are being assembled for more than 20 years. During thistime these trucks could demonstrate their capabilities in the most difficult extreme situations. A very interesting tank truck on the base of all-wheel drive chassis MAZ-5309. This tank truck is also called a “Dakar”, because the base chassis is close to MAZ rally trucks. The additional buildup here is made of GPR-plastic. The assembling plant is Borisov “Pozhsnab”.





 The heavy all-wheel drive tank truck A-TS-12,0-50(6317) is a novelty of the parade. It was shown to the mass public for the first time. The main peculiarity is an impressive water storage of 12 tons capacity. The pump productiveness is 50 l/s. The truck is also assembled by Pozhsnab.






 A-TS 8,0-50 (MAZ 6317) —is one more variant of the all-wheel drive tank truck on the base of MAZ 6317 chassis from Pozhsnab. This is a new truck and it is also for the first time at the parade. The storage of water is less here – 8 tons — but the cabin is two-rowed.







 24-meters elbow elevator АКP-24(5337А2) – is a result of cooperation of Belarusian Ministry of Extraordinary Situations and Polish fire-fighting vehicles producers. This elevator was assembled by Fabryka Maszyn BUMAR-Koszalin. The compact elevator for city conditions is already on mass armament of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations. As minimum 16 pieces of such trucks are already bought.





 One more very interesting special truck – is a truck for smoke extinguishing on the base of the MAZ 530905 chassis. A German ventilating system MGV-LB with a productivity 201600 cubic meters of air per hour. Special ventilator not only removes smoke, but also supplies fresh air.






 This truck can be easily taken for tank truck, but this is absolutely not the same. This is very specific emergency-rescue truck of multifunctional dedication. Its specialization is blockages demolishing during the extremely difficult technogenic or natural extraordinary situations – earthquakes, hurricanes, in all – everything that is connected with mass destroying. This equipment is transported in special containers and is off-loaded with the help of weight-lifting board platform. Depending on the task, the containers with equipment (these are high-productive power cutters, generators, hydraulic special tools) could be replaced. This truck is on service in the Republican Special Group of the Ministry of Extraordinary Situations.

   These are only some of the models among those that could have been observed in Gorky Park by the guests and amateurs of the special vehicles. Most of them are MAZ fire-fighting trucks, because almost all existing types of fire-fighting and emergency-rescue trucks are being assembled in variants on MAZ chassis.