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Great Steppe 2015

   Sergey Vyasovich’s crew had taken the 5th place in “Trucks” set-off of the rally race “Great Steppe – Silk Way 2015”.

   The crew with Sergey Vyazovich’s as a pilot, Pavel Garanin as a navigator and Andrey Zhigulin as a mechanic gained victory in the first excellent stage of racing, while overcoming the special area with 3,9 km distance in 3 minutes, 16 seconds. But then technical problems began. While overcoming the second area, a rare left wheel hub of our leader’s truck was cut. The guys managed to finish, but with a great time loss. 

   The overcoming of the third special area also wasn’t an easy one. The emersed troubles were eliminated, but time was also lost, and thus the guys didn’t manage to keep at the leading positions. According to the results of the racing the crew took the 5th place in “Trucks” set-off.

   The crew № 308 (pilot – Alexander Vasilevskiy, navigator – Valery Kozlovskiy, mechanic – Anton Zaporoshchenko) finished the race at the 7th place.

   The crew № 310 under the piloting of Vladimir Vasilevskiy (navigator-Maxim Novikoff, mechanic – Alexander Polishchuk) took the 9th place in their classification according to the total results of the race.

   The podium was divided between the crews of KAMAZ-MASTER Team. The first place was taken by Andrey Karginoff’s crew, the second – by Airat Mardeev, and the third – by Andrey Kuprianoff.

   During the four days of the rally-racing “Great Steppe – Silk Way 2015” the participants have overcome a real marathon route from Elista to Astrakhan with a total distance in 1145 km, 1022 km of them belonging to the special areas. This race was a special one, with its own character and colour.

   Traditionally the route ran along the difficult and heavy tracks, real lack-of- roads and sands. The navigators of the fighting crews faced a special task. The track had an exceptionally difficult navigation.

   Moreover, things were complicated by the abnormal heat, that set in Astrakhan. Some times this trial became irresistible for the vehicles. Some bolides pulled up on the road due to the engine’s overheating. 

   The race finished at Lenin’s Square by a festive ceremony of winners and prize-men awarding.