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MAZ SportAuto Team victories at “Baha-Belarus — 2015”

   The Third Russian Rally-Racing Championship and the First stage of Belarusian Championship “Baha Belarus – 2015” took place under the aegis of the Russian and Belarusian Automobile Federations from 29 to 31 May, 2015.

   The race has started from the oldest Belarusian town Polotsk that has celebrated its 1153 anniversary these days. The festive opening of the competitions took place at the Frantsisk Skoryna square. The garbage truck “Saphir-Eco” 590423-010c with rare mechanized up-loading on the base of the chassis of the gas truck МАZ-534023, full low-floor bus MAZ 103965 working at CNG, gas-diesel racing truck KAMAZ were presented to the attention of the action participants and guests.

   The sport part of the racing took place at the Dretunskij polygon. The participants have been overcoming a difficult route here, the total length is about 500 km. The routes of the first and the second sporting days were different: bank runs, rivers bottomlands, drafts and impenetrable forests. Viewers’ areas were organized for the visitors and guests of the competitions. 26 strongest crews on fighting off-road vehicles and trucks came to the start. Minsk Automobile Plant “MAZ-SPORT auto” Team was among them. Three team’s crews took part in the stage in a following content:

1. Pilot Alexander Vasilevskiy

Navigator Valeryj Kozlowskij

Mechanic Antin Zaporoshchenko

2. Pilot Sergey Vyazovich

Navigator Pavel Garanin

Mechanic Andrey Zhigulin

3. Pilot Vladimir Vasilevskij

Navigator Maxim Novikov

Mechanic Alexander Poleshchuk

Due to the technical problems Alexander Vasilevskij’s crew couldn’t finish the race. Two other MAZ SportAuto Team crews have successfully continued the competition. According to the results of the Third Russian Championship Stage on rally-racing Sergey Vyazovich’s crew became the first in T4 category (trucks) (5 trucks took part in the competition: 3 sport MAZ trucks and two GAZ trucks), the third place in trucks category was taken by Vladimir Vasilevskij’s crew. According to the results of the general offset (off-road vehicles and trucks) Sergey Vyazovich’s crew took the third place. Vladimir Vasilevskij’s crew took the 17th place. The results of the First Belarusian championship on rally-racing were estimated at “Baha—Belarus - 2015”. The first place in absolute rating had been taken by Sergey Vyazovich’s crew. This very crew took the first place in the truck category; the third place was taken by Vladimir Vasilevskij’s crew. In total 5 trucks participated in racing.