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   A festive opening of the joint Belarusian-Polish enterprise took place on September 14, last year in a suburb of Warszawa, Mazovetskiy province in Plonsk.

This is already the second joint venture of such a kind in neighborhood states. Not everyone knows that in the beginning of this century MAZ has already been produced in Poland.

   Attempt № 1 During the second half of the 90-s years in one of the Nothern seashore provinces of the Poland, in Dembnitsa Kashubska place that is not far from Slupsk town, MAZ together with a Polish Enterprise Chemix Truck opened an auto enterprise specializing in Belarusian trucks production. Besides, the Poland side was an initiator. They have calculated that it is more economically profitable to produce the Belarusian vehicles exactly, and not other automobile producers. Over a several years period mechanical sets were supplied here for production, mostly a number of dump trucks models. As the production had a status “made in Poland”, it had a preferential taxation system. But during the time the privileges had been rejected and the production had to be closed. 

   Attempt № 2 Unlike the predecessor, the modern joint enterprise will produce specialized vehicles, in the first turn for Polish firemen, and also for communal services. It is planned to produce several models of trucks and buses. During the presentation, the attendants had been presented the first truck, assembled in Poland. This was a biaxial 4 wheel-drive MAZ-437212 model, with a wheel arrangement 4х4. “This is a specialized truck chassis, designed for Poland Firemen Service, that was constructed according to the requirements of our polish dealer - “МАЗ-AutoPoland”. There are no analogues and competitors in its class” – MAZ Deputy Chief Designer Nikolaj Lakotko told to the “AD” correspondent. This is a principally new construction, combining first decisions in vehicle construction sphere, directed on the truck operation under the conditions of road lack, and also responding to the requirements applied to the special purpose trucks, such as fire-fighting trucks, aiming on the urgent reaction in emergency situations. The construction of this vehicle began in the end of spring, 2014. The first variant of the future truck appeared in May of the same year. It took extra three months for final tuning and adaptation for the exact superstructure. New truck chassis has 4-doors, 6-seats cabin and 218-powers engine ОМ924 of Daimler AG Company, two-points transfer gear-box, lightweight front and back driving axles, thanks to which high-level towing-dynamic characteristics are achieved. The vehicle has technically allowed carrying capacity in 5,2 t. and can speed up to 90 km/h. The area of the joint enterprise placement had been chosen not occasionally. Exactly in this very region the condition of fire-fighting service is the most difficult, as the change of a considerable number of old vehicles is required. It is planned that up to 400 pcs. of vehicles will be annually produced at the assembling plant from Belarusian mechanical sets. With a lapse of time a part of units and aggregates for MAZ - 437212 will be produced in Poland. At present time the operation testing of this truck is being implemented, necessary documents are being prepared for trucks assembling organization from MAZ mechanical sets. MAZ vehicles nomenclature that will be produced at Poland assembling plant is in the process of elaboration. 

   Let’s hope that a new joint venture will successfully work over a long period of time.

  Author Yurij Vlodavskij