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MAZ at STT’2015

   MAZ will show demanded vehicles samples at STT’2015 

The production of Minsk Automobile Plant will be presented at the 16th International Specialized Exhibition “Building Vehicles and Technologies / STT’2015” in Moscow in June, 2-6.

  Minsk Automobile Plant will present 2 samples of vehicles to the attention of the guests and participants of the exhibition. 

   One of them is all-wheel drive dump truck MAZ-6514H9. Among the numerous advantages there is an increased carrying capacity up to 26,5 tons. This truck has an enhanced front and rare suspension, and improved transmission that makes this truck more reliable, passable and durable. MAZ-6514H9 is equipped with a modern engine YAMZ-652 with a capacity in 412 h.p. with regulation of fuel outfit. The configuration of the truck for the U-form platform installation with a volume 18,3 m³ and rectangular platform with 16,5 m³ volume is possible. Besides, there is also a platform with warm-keeper in the basement (so-called double bottom). The presented model is being operated in lack-off-roads conditions due to the application of all drive axles designed and produced for increased loads and high engine rotational moment. One more model’s peculiarity is a spring cabin that provides extra comfort for the driver.

   One more presented sample – is a truck crane КС-4571BY-8 on the base of the chassis MAZ-5340В2 (ecological level Euro-4), that is designed for un-loading—up-loading and building-erecting works with ordinary cargos at dispersed areas. The crane is compact, mobile and mass balanced. It is very convenient for working in low-rise building strained conditions. The chassis is equipped with YAMZ-5363 engine (the kitting with Deutz TCD 2013 engine at КС-4571BY-6 or MAN D0836 engine at КС-4571BY-9 is possible). The hydraulic system of the crane installation provides a smooth management with a wide range of working operations speeds and also gives a possibility of the simultaneous alignment of several crane operations. The components of the leading world producers are applied in crane’s hydro equipment as well as in cable hoist and swing-out mechanism. The operator’s cabin has a new construction and modern design, and also big inner volume. The circular glazing provides excellent visibility of the working area at any cantilever’s length and any inclination angle. The application of the modern materials advantages to the warm and noise insulation. The creation of this crane model was a result of MAZ specialists and the representatives of the state and private building-erecting enterprises cooperation. Such kind of a crane doesn’t have any analogues on the CIS territory.