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   In June, 2 - 6 period, 2015 Minsk Automobile Plant will traditionally take participation in the International Specialized Exhibition BELAGRO -2015.

   It will be possible to get acquainted with leading directions in the plant growing, cattle raising and poultry keeping development, modern technologies of reprocessing, packing and production keeping and also with the diversity of agricultural techniques. It is difficult to overrate BELAGRO role in Belarusian technique promotion to the world market. The new-products will be presented by nearly all country’s enterprises, producing agricultural machinery. Agricultural machinery and BELFERMA exposition will be placed at the areas, adjacent to the Football Arena (Pobediteley avenue, 20/2).

   Traditionally, large exposition blocks have been presented by the leaders of Belarusian machine engineering – Minsk Automobile Plant, Minsk Tractor Works, Gomselmash, Amkodor, Brestselmash and other enterprises. It will be possible to see new engineering decisions ready for exploitation and almost full ranges of plants production at their stands. Minsk Automobile Plant will present 4 models of vehicles at the open area in front of Arena: Mobile office of “Automobile Trailers and Bodies Plant “MAZ-Kupava” production, MAZ-478810 on the base of middle-tonnage chassis MAZ -4371. This automobile was created in 2014 especially according to Minsk Automobile Plant marketing service order and exists only in a single specimen. Mobile office consists of 2 compartments: a quite spacious and comfortable conference-room and kitchen block; Small class bus МАZ 241, designed for suburban and interurban transportations, and also for corporate and tourist trips. This model can be designed also in school variation; Isotherm tank truck ATSIP 7,7 (volume – 7,7 m3) from food stainless steel designed for milk transportation and other food liquids of Grodno Mechanical Plant production. The tank truck is installed at МАZ-5337А2-341 (4х2) chassis. The truck is equipped with YAMZ -6563.10 engine (Euro-3) with a power capacity 230 h.p.

   Dump Truck MAZ-6501В9-420-031. Truck-corn carrier with a wheel arrangement 6х4 has a carrying capacity 19000 kg. The body’s volume is 27 m3. The dump-truck with a three-side board un-load designed for different loose cargos in a composite articulated lorry;

   A universal dump truck МАZ-6501A8 will be the centre of exposition This dump truck is designed for the not only loose agricultural different density cargos transportation but also for container cargos in euro-pallets. The dump truck is equipped with YAMZ-6581.10 engine with a capacity in 400 h.p. (Euro-3) и 16-gears transmission that provides a necessary dynamics. The conditions for comfortable work of the driver are also thought over. There is a spring modern restyling cabin with a pneumatic suspension seat and a berth. The dump truck can work in a composite articulated lorry with МАZ-856103-010 trailer. The total capacity of the transported cargo will compile 72m3.

   This year the main agricultural BELAGRO exhibition celebrates 25th anniversary. This exhibition that doesn’t have any scale analogues in the Republic of Belarus can be deservedly considered as an annual resume of the leading international experience in the agricultural engineering, search of the original innovative decisions in the sphere of ecological safe materials and waste-free technologies. The best home and international brand marks, leading companies and innovators of the agricultural market are annually chose BELAGRO exhibition as the best area for new goods and services demonstration. This agricultural international forum is always interesting for those who work in this sphere. About 500 companies from Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, China, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, France, Finland, Czech, Switzerland and other countries will participate in BELAGRO exhibition. The collective expositions will be presented by the Agricultural Ministry, National Science Academy. 23 official delegations have confirmed their participation in the exhibition, including the chiefs and representatives of the agricultural ministries of Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Sri-Lanka, Namibia, SAR, Japan, the Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Georgia, Kazakhstan and other countries. Last year the number of exhibition visitors exceeded 60 thousands of people.