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«Kagan’s Gold 2015». Results.

    The crew no. 306 under the piloting of Alexander Vasilevski (navigator Valery Kozlowski, mechanic – Anton Zaporoshchenko) finished the fourth day of competition with a good result. They were the fifth at the finish line. According to the whole rally results the sportsmen took the sixth place in a general classification in the category T4 “Trucks”.

    The two other crews of MAZ SportAuto Team had to go out after the third stage. The most difficult route had allowed an opportunity for the full experience of trucks technical strength resource and to pay attention to the problematic moments afterwards. The crew no. 307 under Sergey Vyazovich’s piloting (navigator Pavel Garanin, mechanic Ahdrey Zhigulin) and the crew no. 308 under Konstantin Sinebok’s piloting (navigator Dmitriy Vihrenko, mechanic Alexey Neverovich) had gone through 3 stages, showing a worthy results.

The representatives of KAMAZ-MASTER team became the rally leaders. The first was the crew no.303 under Dmitriy Sotnikoff’s piloting, the second place was taken by the crew no.301 under Ajrat Mardeev’s piloting, and the third one was for Anton Shibaloff’s crew no. 304.

Three fighting trucks and three cars of technical assistance had stayed in Astrakhan after rally finishing in order to use the difficult routes and unpredictable sands for training. The rally’s organizers had prepared a special training road-book for the guys. The trainings had already begun on the following day after the last rally stage.

We are waiting for the guys in Minsk in a week.