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Once again about DAKAR

The action took place with the participation of the First Deputy General Director of Minsk Automobile Plant Valery Ivankovich and the chief of MAZ Sport Auto Team Valery Kozlovskiy. The mass media representatives’ questions were also answered by the crew pilots.

The special gratitude was addressed to the team partners that supported the team in technical and financial way. In their turn the representatives of the Unitary enterprise “Velcom” and the limited company “ Gaspromneft – lubricants” expressed intention for further cooperation.  

The fighting trucks and technical assistance cars that had been returning home across the Atlantic ocean for more than one month were also demonstrated to the guests

Today we can confidently tell that our team implemented and over-implemented all tasks defined before the rally. We had not only entered the TOP-10 according to the rally results but also had shown what MAZ trucks can under the managing of Belarusian pilots. Not once struggling bisons took leading positions at the stages, thus causing the excite of the fans and competitors respect.

All three our crews have managed to get to the finish successfully. Taking in consideration that from 63 starting bolides 20 have gone at different stages – this can be easily taken for the victory.

Crew no. 535 under Alexander Vasilevskiy management (navigator – Valery Kozlowskiy, mechanic – Anton Zaporoshchenko) have finished marathon at 10th place! This is a record result for the whole period of Belarusian team participation in Dakar. Let’s remember that this very crew in the same content took 21st place in general list in “Trucks” category previous year.

Crew no. 510 under Sergey Vyazovich management (navigator – Pavel Garanin, mechanic – Andrej Zhigulin) had showed great results during the overcoming of the special areas, sometimes leaving behind the champions of the previous years. If only not the disappointing breakage, that took place during the “marathon stage”, when according to the rules of statements team mechanics were not able to help, 510 crew could easily take a place in the Top-5. This crew had already taken 11th place in the rally total result previous year. This time the guys were not so lucky. As a result they took the 34th place.

Crew no. 560 under Vladimir Vasilevskiy management (navigator – Dmitriy Vihrenko, mechanic – Alexey Neverovich) perfectly coped with the functions of “fast technical car”. Guys had showed a stable good result. «Fighting technical car» was at hand, when crews, which bets had been made on, needed help. According to the total results the crew no. 560 is at 41st place.

We believed in our team and it has confirmed our expectations. We are proud with our guys and are grateful to them for the feeling of pride that every fan feels while watching as the red fighting car with the Belarusian bison on the board rushes to the finish line, leaving behind the most dangerous competitors.