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Gas buses for country routes.

On March 13, 2015 10 gas MAZ 203 buses were passed to Minsktrans brunch “Bus Park № 7”. The buses will be operated at country routes.

A spacious low-floor bus MAZ 203С65 is equipped with Mercedes M906 LAG EEV engine, that can develop capacity in 250 horse powers. Allison T310 R automatic gear box provides bus soft motion. Passenger capacity compiles 86 seats, including 37 seatings.

An informational system with inner indicator panel can be admitted as a peculiarity, as well as air-conditioning in driver’s cabin. Besides, the bus is equipped with the system of navigator securing and video-control.

One of the main problems that arise during operation of the gas machinery - is a safety question. Gas vessels, produced by joint Russian-Norwegian enterprise Rugasco, are placed on the roof of the bus. The vessels are absolutely intrinsically safe and corrosion-resistant.


Development and production of the machinery working on compressed natural gas today is rapidly evolving. More and more transport companies prefer gas machinery when modernizing their vehicles set. Such choice allows immediate deciding of two actual problems: cutting of fuel expenses and decreasing of the negative impact to the environment.