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First MAZ gas bus will appear at Astrakhan routes

In the beginning of this year the official dealer of Minsk automobile plant, a leasing company “TK Leasing”, in a festive atmosphere passed a new low-floor increased capacity gas Maz bus to the “AstrakhanPassengerTrans” enterprise. The representatives of district government ant city administration, including the Minister of industry, transport and natural resources of Astrakhan district  Sergey Krzhanovskiy thanked Belarusian partners for the opportunity to test a gas bus in working conditions. MAZ 203965, that uses a natural gas as a fuel, in the nearest future will go to the Astrakhan streets. It will be used at one of the city’s routes in a test mode. The operation of the bus will allow to estimate the advantages of the usage of such kind of machinery under the conditions of the existent infrastructure and to reveal problems. After the economic evaluation of the effectiveness of gas transport will be given. It is seen already now  that expenses on the operation of such gas buses will be considerably lower than operation of the vehicles using diesel oil. 

Besides, the development of gas machinery market is one of the prior tasks that is set in the frames of the Russian Federation President and Government orders. According to the programme of Russian Federation Trading Ministry on gas machinery purchase financing, Astrakhan administration made a request on 20 gas buses purchase for the city passengers transportation. Today there are two fuel stations in Astrakhan that offer compressed natural gas. The commissioning of around 20 of such stations by 2020 is in the plans of region administration.