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MAZ appears in the third countries markets.

General Director of Minsk Automobile Plant Dmitriy Katerinich and Chairman of the National Board of Production Union “Gyandzha Automobile Plant” Khanlar Fatiev in the beginning of February of the current year signed a memorandum concerning the cooperation developing in the spheres of production, sales, service centers opening and products coming into the third countries markets.


As well, in the frames of Dmitriy Katerinich’s and Deputy Director Alexander Zaharchenko’s visit to Azerbaijan, a meeting with a First Vice-Premier of Azerbaijani Government Yagub Ajuboff was held, where a cooperative activity regarding MAZ truck production within the Republic’s territory had been highly estimated. Also negotiations concerning the possibility of MAZ trucks, produced in Azerbaijan, supply to the third countries markets and production efficiency increasing had been implemented.


In March 2010, a tripartite agreement between Gyandzha Automobile Plant, Minsk Automobile Plant and a German company "Haller" was signed. The agreement concerns the German communal equipment installation in automobile division of Gyandzha Automobile Plant , where an assembling of MAZ trucks takes place.

The contract on assembling and sales of the whole range of MAZ trucks in Azerbaijan was signed already in 2006.  

Gyandzha plant is capable to assemble up to one thousand of trucks per year. All machinery is provided by high-quality warranty and service maintenance in different regions of the country.