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Home News 2015 10 MAZ in HUNGARY


The representatives of Minsk Automobile Plant held a presentation of the newest samples of the special and passenger vehicles equipped with automatic Allison transmissions in Saint Gotthard (Hungary) on September 24, 2015. The managers of the leading automobile enterprises from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia were invited to the presentation. 





The specialists of Minsk Automobile Plant presented a city gas large-class bus MAZ 103965, middle-class bus MAZ 206085, and garbage-carrier “Sapphire” MAZ-690214 at this event.
After the interesting tour through the plant, the participants headed to the test-ground, where all eagers could personally test options of the presented vehicles.
Transmission Plant Allison has been working in Hungary in Saint Gotthard town sinse September 2010. Allison transmission are in a high demand from the buses and trucks producers along the whole Europe and at the developing markets. Allison Transmission is a leading supplier of the automatic transmissions for middle – and heavy-load commercial vehicles.