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DAKAR 2015. 9th stage

   All the three crews of MAZ Sport Auto Team will be at the start of the 9th stage.

   As we have informed before, the 8th stage ended with a misfortune for our leading crew under Sergey Vyazovich’s piloting (navigator – Pavel Garanin, mechanic – Andrey Zhigulin). While overcoming the special area a new reduction gear installed the day before has broken just in 40 kilometers from finish line. Our “fast technical truck” – crew no. 560 under Vladimir Vasilevskiy’s piloting (navigator – Dmitriy Vihrenko, mechanic – Alexey Neverovich) came for the rescue.

   According to the set of rules of the “marathon stages”, team mechanics are forbidden to help. The crew didn’t manage to eliminate the breakage till the darkness coming, and they had to wait till dawn in the desert. Due to the favourable concatenation of circumstances, January 12th in the DAKAR timetable was a day off. The crew had a possibility to finish with a delay and to be at the start of the following stage. 510 crew had to cross the finish line till the 18:00 by local time. Our guys managed to do this. Besides by the way they didn’t get pass by the turned over buggy that also spent night in desert and helped it.

   Such an offensive breakage turned crew no. 510 from TOP-5 to the 36th place in general offset.

   A marathon lap was successful for the crew no. 535 under Alexander Vasilevskiy’s piloting (navigator – Valery Kozlowskij, mechanic – Anton Zaporoshchenko). By the results of 8 days competition it has got in TOP-10 and now is at the 9th place in general offset in “Trucks” category.

   The crew no.560 under Vladimir Vasilevskiy’s piloting (navigator – Dmitriy Vihrenko, mechanic Alexey Neverovich) is at 43rd place now.

   The 9th stage of DAKAR 2015 rally will be held by the route Iquique-Calama. General length of the route is 539 km, 451 km from those are for the special area.

   Starting list of the 9th stage (on January 13):
N 510 - 12:44:00 local time (18:44:00 Minsk time);
N 535 - 12:49:00 local time (18:49:00 Minsk time);
N 560 - 13:03:30 local time (19:03:30 Minsk time).

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