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Good news from Havre

   MAZ SportAuto team sport cars successfully passed all technical tests and are ready for ferry shipping. In the end of December the team will take its machinery in Argentina already. Meanwhile the forecasting Dakar route was announced in Paris. This year the pilots will have to overcome 9500 kilometers through the impassibility of South America roads.

   The main part of rally will take part in Argentina, four laps - in Chili and only one – in Bolivia. The 2015 route will be more difficult than in previous years: some special areas will go through the passes at the height more than 3500 kilometers. 
   First time since 2005 marathon laps will be organized for participants at jeeps and trucks. 
   Some other novelties are being expected. For example, this time rest days are planned for participants of different rounds. Race-drivers are expected on January, 10, and bikes cyclists and quads cyclists are expected on January, 12 in Iquique. “Dakar” will hold back in ancient town Iquique at the Pacific Ocean coast for 3 days from 10th to 12th of January. The race participants will go one after another along the same route: Iquique - Uyuni - Iquique.

   Official (but for this moment preliminary) calendar of DAKAR-2015: 

• 4/01: Buenos Aires - Villa Carlos Paz
• 5/01: Villa Carlos Paz - San Juan
• 6/01: San Juan - Chilecito
• 7/01: Chilecito - Copiapo *
• 8/01: Copiapo - Antofagasta *
• 9/01: Antofagasta - Iquique *
• 10/01: Rest (cars/trucks); Iquique - Uyuni (bikes-quads)
• 11/01: Iquique - Uyuni (cars/trucks); Uyuni - Iquique (bikes-quads)
• 12/01: Rest (bikes-quads); Uyuni - Iquique (cars-trucks)
• 13/01: Iquique - Calama *
• 14/01: Calama - Salta
• 15/01: Salta - Termas de Rio Hondo
• 16/01: Termas de Rio Hondo - Rosario
• 17/01: Rosario – Buenos Aires