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     On the “Mogilevtransmash”, the branch of JSC “MAZ”, new models of special and municipal vehicles were developed.

     “Mogilevtransmash” plant became a member of the Production Association “BelavtoMAZ” in 2005. The combining capacity contributed rationalization and greater specialization of enterprises. “Mogilevtransmash” has been producing all kinds of trailers since 2010, and since 2011 — 95% tippers for dump trucks. Certainly, this allowed the Minsk plant to concentrate on production of major equipment: tractors of all models and versions. And “Mogilevtransmash” downloaded all the available production capacity.

     The “Mogilevtransmash” constantly works to develop new models of equipment that meets the needs of today's market of special and municipal vehicles.

One of the latest developments of the plant “Mogilevtransmash” is a road train, designed to carry grain and other crops.

MAZ-650108 with a trailer MAZ-856103 was created by the specialists of the company for Ukrainian consumers. The customer was the State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine, which specializes in the procurement, storage and processing of grain crops.

At the moment, a contract is concluded for the supply of 1,000 such vehicles. The Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan are interested in new grain carrier. The car has a lot of advantages over other vehicles for the same needs: dumping platform with right side load, capacity of vehicle and the trailer for a total of 40 tons, economy fuel consumption, road-train height allows him to call for any elevator.

     In addition, the cabin is equipped with one sleeping place, and the outside appearance of the vehicle is renewed. A new air suspension is designed to minimize losses during the transportation of grain. 

     As in any other vehicle, you can order this unit with a set of options, among which air conditioning, and an enlarged fuel tank, and an independent cab heater and other options. In the near future we plan to install on the grain carrier the engine that meets Euro-3 standards, that in the long term should encourage the export potential of the model.

     The first batch of 80 new grain carriers is sent to the customer in the Ukraine, and the end of 2013 the country will receive all the ordered batch -1000 units.

Another novelty is MAZ-6902V5 “Sapphire”.

New car for transportation of municipal waste based on MAZ is not similar to old units. It is a modern municipal vehicle with the container which design is not any worse than European counterparts.
The new design provides convenient and quick unloading garbage out of plastic and metal containers with capacities from 800 to 1100 liters with the comb grip and grip for Euro containers (DIN standard).

The tipping works manually.

Unloading of containers is made simultaneously with the pressing trash automatically. Control layout ensures safe operating.

     The use of technology allows the rear boot to solve environmental problems by eliminating waste spillage when loading the container.

     The mechanism of compression garbage truck, working in 2 modes, automatic and manual, ensures a high degree of waste compaction (up to 6) which is achieved by flow and pressing plate in contact with the ejection plate.

     The application of advanced materials in components subjected to wear and high loads significantly increases their durability, reliability and reduces weight.

     Reliable hydraulics of European manufacturers provide reliable operation in our climate, the minimal cost of repairs and maintenance.


     The history of the “Mogilevtransmash” began almost 30 years ago, in 1983. Originally the company was called “Mogilevselmash” and specialized in the production of trailers and semi-trailers, and in 1993, and cranes. A little later, the name changed, as has expanded the list of products manufactured at the plant. In 2005, “Mogilevtransmash” became part of the Production Association “BelavtoMAZ.” The company specializes in the production of trailers and special municipal vehicles.