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Vehicles of the Minsk Automobile Plant were presented at the international exhibition of trucks «AUTOTRANS 2012", which was held in Moscow from 5 to 8 September.

Manufacturers of commercial vehicles from around the world presented their products in one of the largest exhibition centers in Eastern Europe — “Crocus Expo”.

     Until 2012, a similar event was held under the title “ComTrans.” In 2011, the exhibition became an international motor show of commercial vehicles and has been included in the official calendar of the International Organization of car manufacturers OICA.

     In this case, it was decided to link the “ComTrans” with the same show of German commercial vehicles, held every two years in Hanover, Germany. This event (Exhibition IAA, Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) also has international status and is held in September of each even-numbered year. Now the Russian and German exhibition will rotate, giving their sites for well-known manufacturers of cargo and passenger vehicles each year.

     The experience of the exhibition “ComTrans” showed that interest in commercial vehicles in Russia is quite high, so the organizers of the exhibition decided not to give up the annual format that has already become a popular. Thus, it was possible to hold the exhibition «AUTOTRANS», a similar exhibition “KomTrnas.” Organizers are planning to rotate these two exhibitions.

     This year the exhibition is located in two exhibition pavilions № 1, the area 11,460 square meters.  

     Location of the MAZ stand was very good, at the very entrance to the exhibition hall.

The novelty of MAZ — fifth-wheel tractor with the engine bonnet layout MAZ-6440RA with trailer MAZ-975830-3025 — attracted the attention of visitors. This vehicle is one of the latest developments of the Minsk Automobile Plant. It has a number of advantages:

 — high level of passive safety of the driver;
 — low noise level in the cabin due to installing the engine in front of the cab;
 — Improved working conditions and rest the driver due to the smooth floor in the cabin;
 — Improved access to service the power plant and its systems;
 — possibility to install heavy-duty engines without increasing the height of cab floor above the ground;
 — Low floor height above the ground (compared to the tractor unit by 225 mm)and as a result more convenient entrance to the cabin;
 — the possibility of maintenance of engine on vehicles with special equipment elements located above the cab (cranes, aerial platforms, etc.);
 — Reduced vibration load of the driver's seat due to placing the driver seat beyond the front axle.

The vehicle is equipped with an automatic transmission Allison, which has a positive effect on the dynamic characteristics of the trailer, and makes 5-7% reduction in fuel consumption in comparison with a manual transmission.

     The exposition of “MAZ” also included the following vehicles:

     — road-train dump truck MAZ-6430W8 + MAZ-954700;
     — Dump truck MAZ-6516W8;
     — drop-side truck MAZ-6310E9-522-031;
     — drop-side truck MAZ-5340V5-8420-000;
     — Bus MAZ 206 (with automatic transmission Allison).

On the opening day on September 5,2012 a press conference for the specialized Media was held at the stand of the Minsk Automobile Plant. Guests were told of novelties of the plant, the technical feature of its vehicles. The representatives of Allison Transmission Company told about cooperation with the plant. The journalists had the opportunity to get answers to the questions from the experts who were present on the exhibition.