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Home News 2012 3 DEAR WOMEN!


     Accept sincere congratulations to the wonderful holiday, International Women's Day!

     Everything the most kind and eternal for us is always associated with a woman – tender, love, family hearth, the birth and upbringing of children. True woman is an example of sincerity and care, her every move and every word leave a mark of pure love.

     Whatever the social role a woman carries she makes a life multifaceted and bright, makes men go ahead – on the big and small feats. And the joy in her eyes is the main reward for all the men's achievements.

     Dear women! Let us this day to thank you for your active position in life, unlimited patience and sensitivity, tenderness and understanding, for the cozy and warmth of the hearth, for the desire to harmony in everything! I sincerely wish you good health, family welfare, a bunch of flowers and smiles! Let the flowers and compliments welcome you not only on March 8 but every day! And every moment of life brings joy and good mood!

     Health, optimism and prosperity to you and your loved ones. Stay beautiful and loved!

     General Director of “BelavtoMAZ” – Director General of JSC “MAZ”                   A.V. Borovsky