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     In the morning of January 12 the caravan of participants “Dakar 2012” crossed the border Chile-Peru and started at the stage of Arica-Arequipa. Special stage consisted of two parts with a neutralization zone of 120 km. In Peru the route of rally-marathon “Dakar” was first laid. Belarusian crew run by Alexander Vasilevsky showed the 21st result. Just 5 minutes separated our crew from getting into the top 20.

     63 trucks went to the start of the 11th stage of the rally-marathon “Dakar” on the route from Arica to Arequipa (74 started at the first stage). Belarusian team shows a stable result recent days. The crew started 25th and passing 432 combat kilometers finished 21st .

     It was unsuccessful day for the winner of yesterday's stage Kazakh Arthur Ardavichus (KAMAZ Astana). At the beginning of the route the crew was passing up to Hans Stacey only about a minute and closer to the middle of the first test section was missed. It turned out that an error of navigation and the truck went in the opposite direction. In the upshot the 9th day result and total loss of time on stage was 22 minutes. However, safety margin was enough for the Kazakh-Russian trio to reserve the third final position. KAMAZ plant workers were celebrating their first victory of Karginov Andrew on the stage, who brilliantly beat the Iveco with a good advantage (3 minutes from Hans Stacey and 5-6 minutes from Biazona and De Roy).

     “Dakar 2012”. Trucks. Results of the 11th stage.
     1. Andrew Karginov (KAMAZ) — 3:52:50
     2. Hans Stacey (Iveco) — 3:03
     3. Mickey Byazon (Iveco) — 5:02
     4. Gerard De Rooy (Iveco) — 6:32
     5. Martin Coloma (Tatra) — 13:31
     6. Ilgizar Mardeev (KAMAZ) — 19:34
     7. Jaroslav Valtr (LIAZ) — 20:08
     8. VUV van Zhinkel (GINAF) — 21:19
     9. Arthur Ardavichus (KAMAZ) — 22:44
     21. Alexander Vasilevsky (MAZ) — 01:55:31.

     “Dakar”. Trucks. Overall

     1. Gerard de Rooy (IVECO) — 37:51:55
     2. Hans Stacey (IVECO) — 00:55:58
     3. Arthur Ardavichus (KAMAZ) — 01:20:29
     4. Andrew Karginov (KAMAZ) — 02:30:42
     5. Ilgizar Mardeev (KAMAZ) — 03:59:48
     28. Alexander Vasilevsky (MAZ) — 25:07:09.


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