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“Dakar 2012”. RACE COMPLETED

     January 15, 2012 in the capital of Lima (Peru) rally-marathon “Dakar 2012” completed. Of 248 teams of participants that successfully reached the finish line was Belarusian crew № 545 of “MAZ-SPORTavto” team. The team of the Minsk Automobile Plant completed the most difficult marathon of 14 days and 8300 km long in the 31st position in the general classification standings “Trucks.”

     A combat crew consisting of pilot Alexander Vasilevsky, navigator Valery Kozlovsky and engineer Anton Zaporoschenko showed excellent results and met the most ambitious expectations of their fans.

     Less fortunate was the crew 541 consisting of the pilot Alexander Poleshchuk, navigator Paul Garanina and mechanic Dmitry Zaporoschenko. The 7th stage was overwhelming for them …

     It is difficult to overestimate the merit of our guys. Debuting in the competition of this level our team could not only reach the finish line, but also show good results, what could do very few participants. The team who were watched and supported not only by the factory workers and fans of motor sports, but the entire country did not disappoint anybody. Hardiness, persistence and dedication of our sportsmen deserve the highest praise. We are proud of our guys also for the fact that in any difficult situation they were during passing the special stage, they were always ready to help other participants in trouble. Combat automobiles of the Belarusian team pulled out other participants of the rally getting stuck in the desert sands many times.

     The technique did not disappoint either. Step by step combat vehicles persistently moved forward overcoming complex exhausting special stages. The harsh conditions of passing a line in the sands of the desert and rocky mountain roads had become a serious challenge not only for people but for cars. After each stage the mechanics had to fix the technical problems that could not be avoided during passing the road. And each time repaired cars returned to the start, what once again proved the reliability of “the Minsk Automobile Plant” technique.

     Now we are looking forward the team returning. January 20 at 23:00 the aircraft with the “MAZ-SPORTavto” on board will land at the airport Minsk-2. Plant workers, media representatives, team partners and all those who are indifferent to the sporting achievements of our country are going to meet the guys together with their friends and family.