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      Economic prosperity and security of any state determined by the economic performance of companies which make the basis of the industrial sector. Fist of all, attention is given to the major manufacturers such as Minsk Automobile Plant.

       At the end of 6 months in 2011 we can speak about significant results made by the collective association. Growth rates of industrial output (in comparable prices) for the period made up to 161,4%, level of sales profitability – 15,9%.

       At present, marketing strategy JSC “MAZ” is aimed at active expansion: the formation of large commodity and service network, developing new markets and removing to them innovative products. 

       Besides the traditional external markets (Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Georgia and other CIS countries), MAZ consolidates its position, also extends the geography of deliveries to the EU markets, to the far abroad countries, Africa and Latin America. 

       There are many other projects and interesting markets to the plant: Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo. Growth of volumes supply is projected in Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali, Côte d'Ivoire. 

       Considering features work in the markets in the Arab region (Syria, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates) specialists of union clearly monitor the price level offered by competitors, and promptly respond to any request. 

        In the markets of Latin America barrier for MAZ is high customs duties on vehicles import (47% vs. 22% in EU countries). In this regard, large supplies to Latin America are only possible if organization of assembling the production will be on the spot.

       There are certain difficulties in the implementation of Minsk Automobile Plant vehicles to the European Union. In order to sell their equipment in the EU beyond, MAZ has flexible pricing policy: if a good quality product price must be at least 30 percent lower than those offered by western competitors.

       At work in the European market is also important to consider the cost of energy. For example, gas engine is much more economical than diesel. The European user, obviously, would prefer equipment that can work on gas. In this regard to the next 2-3 years MAZ is planning to submit its first hybrid bus. 

       Thus, folding in the external market conditions dictate the following priority for MAZ the near future:
 — establishment of new assembly manufactures (for example, in Venezuela, Argentina, Hungary);
 — creation of vehicle models with right hand drive to expand into new markets: India, Pakistan, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana and Australia;
 — creation of new products demanded by the market: vehicles emissions standard Euro-6, a new interior and exterior of the cabin;
 — expansion of the production range of specialized vehicles;
 — increasing the number of service stations and improving the quality of service and maintenance.